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Rockshop Stores

Rockshop stores New Zealand wide

Far and away the biggest chain of its kind in New Zealand with – currently - 27 retail stores nationwide, Rockshop continues to expand both the number and size of its outlets and roster of the world’s best brands of Musical Instruments and Equipment. Since establishment in 1986, growth has been dramatic with Rockshop undoubtedly the industry and market leader.

Rockshop has become a household name, synonymous with professional sales and service, the best available products, committed staff, innovative presentation, superior locations and a proactive commitment to local artists and the NZ Music Industry as whole through partnerships such as Rockquest and Play It Strange.

The Group’s mission statement is simple: “Best Prices, Best Service, Best Products”. It is within this simple framework that the group has flourished, driven by the desire to be the best... and stay the best.

Rockshop continues to grow the NZ market through its market leading brand support, professional approach and commitment to providing musicians of all levels with the best possible deals, service and products.

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