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Include Rocksure Performance Warranty

For only $0.00, include the
Rocksure Performance Warranty
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In 1959, Telefunken has commissioned AKG Acoustics for the production of a series of five microphones, which included the famous ELA M 251, the ELA M 250, the ELA M 270 Stereo and 2 microphones small membrane, the ELA M 260 & 261. The version proposed here is not a pale copy of the original, although the specifications in terms of quality is the same period. The result, one of the best tools for acoustic / classical recording medium; thanks to his lamp OUR EF-732 / 5840W, and external power supply. The ELA M 260 capture beautifully, with unparalleled natural acoustic instruments of all kinds (strings, rhythmic, overheads battery, wind ...) but will also surprise you on vocal takes. These pickups come with 3 models of interchangeable capsules, the TK60 cardioid, omni TK61, TK62 the hypercardioid; which makes it very flexible compared to any recording source. Each kit will include more elastic suspension, a wooden box and a dedicated power supply. Note that the components of the pair have a different coating (gray), to differentiate the possibility to plug a specially appointed by Chip Machokas adapter, which will allow you to use any cell AKG inmporte the "CK series "and the cell-type bayonet of Neumann.  .

-Pressure gradient
-2 x 3 Capsules: TK60, TK61, TK62 Gold Plated 3-micron
-Frequency: 20Hz / 20kHz
-Directional patterns: Cardioid, Omni, Hypercardioid
-Sensitivity: 16.5 mV / Pa +/- 1 dB
-Impedance: <200 ohms
-SPL: <0.15%
-Nonlinear Distortion (THD 1% for @ 1kHz) 120dB
-Equivalent noise: 11dBA
-Lamp: Telefunken EF-732
-Power: M960S Dedicated Power Supply
-Dimensions: 140mm x 21mm
-Weight: 119g
-Power supply: <1mA (120V) 135mA (6V)
-Connection: XLR-7 (F) XLR-3 (M) output
-Accessories: power, 2 TK60 cardioid capsule, 2 omni TK61, TK62 2 hypercardioid capsule box, wooden box, 2 suspensions, cables