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The R-F-T AR-70 STEREO is an advanced stereo version of the popular AR-51 tube condenser microphone.

The AR-70 STEREO is an advanced stereo version of the popular AR-51 tube condenser microphone. It features a matched pair of large diaphragm dual sided TK51D capsules, a New Old Stock (NOS) ECC81 vacuum tube, and a matched pair of German built Haufe T14/1 output transformers that are the same transformers found in ELA M 250/251C12 and R-F-T AR-51microphones.

The AR-70 STEREO includes one fixed cardioid capsule on the bottom, and on top, a capsule wired for remote multi-polar pattern capabilities. This allows the microphone to perform multiple stereo recording techniques, as well as a standard single channel monophonic recording, all in one package. In stereo mode, the AR-70 STEREO can be set up in a standard X/Y configuration, with each capsule orientated 90 degrees away from each other, resulting in a perfectly co-incidental pair.

With the option of the multi-pattern functionality of the top capsule, the microphone can also be used in Mid-Side (M/S) technique, where the lower capsule is fixed in cardioid, and the upper capsule is rotated 90 degrees and set to the Figure 8 polar pattern.

One of the most unique ways to use the AR-70 STEREO is in "dual mono" mode, which can lead to all kinds of interesting textures for vocals. By running the outputs into two different microphone pre-amplifiers, the user can now have one capsule set up to sound its best on quieter passages in a vocal and the other for louder passages. If the user runs about 10dB more gain on the microphone pre-amplifier for the capsule that is set up to record quiet passages, then both outputs can be recorded separately and blended later; or a compression device can be used on the pre-amplifier that is set up for the quieter passages which will net about 12-15dB of gain reduction as the singer gets louder. These two outputs can be summed and the resulting signal will maintain a relatively constant level while being automatically combined for optimal capture of the performance.

Each AR-70 Stereo microphone comes complete with M970AR power supply, M801 25' dual-shielded TX-7 tube microphone cable, M701 elastic shock mount, a FC70 locking flight case and wooden microphone box.

-Type:Condenser Pressure Gradient
-Frequency Range:20Hz / 20kHz
-Polar Pattern:Omni, Carioid and Figure 8 with 6 intermediate stages on the -top, cardioid on the bottom
-Sensitivity:13 mV/pa +/- 0.5 dB
-THD at 1kHz at 1Pa:<0.2% Per Channel
-Output Impedance:<250 ohms
-Maximum SPL:128dB
-Non Linear Distortion:Less than or equal to 0.5% at 100 dyne / cm sq
-Self Noise:8.5dBA Per Channel
-Tube Type:GE 6201
-Power Type:Dedicated 2-channel power supply with slow-ramping filament -voltage and polar pattern selector
-Size:9 1/2" (241mm) length x 1 3/4" (44.45mm) diameter
-Weight:27oz (765g)
-Supply Current 1mA (120V) 250mA (6V)
-Connected Via:XLR-7 (F), XLR-3 (M) output x2
-Supplied Accessories:Locking Flight Case, power supply, wooden mic box, clasping shock mount, 25' Accusound dual-shielded cable