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The evolution of tried and true
What does a vocalist live for? A jaw-dropping vocal sound that takes audiences over the edge. Get that sound instantly with VoiceLive® 2, the ultimate floor-based vocal processor. It’s more than an upgrade, it’s a vocal revolution.

Easier than ever
With a completely redesigned user interface, VoiceLive 2 is easy to use whether you’re looking for one preset or a creative sequence of sounds for every song.
Wizard button helps you find the right preset
Stompbox access to six effect blocks
One button access to global Tone, Pitch and Guitar FX
Easy editing of all parameters
Simple preset chaining with Step feature
USB for updates, back-ups and audio streaming

Complete Connectivity
VoiceLive 2 has the most complete connectivity of any vocal floor processor.
Guitar input with auto-mix , Guitar FX as well as transparent pass-thru
Stereo 1/8” (MP3 player ) input
Stereo XLR, ¼” and Headphone outputs
MIDI in, out and thru
Expression pedal input
USB for updates, back-up and audio streaming

New NaturalPlay harmonies
Whether you play guitar, a MIDI keyboard or no instrument at all, VoiceLive 2 has brilliant vocal harmonies for you.
Control harmonies with guitar, MIDI or MP3 input
Up to 8 voices with MIDI keyboard control or 4 doubled harmonies
All new algorithm is smooth and natural even for extreme vocal styles
Auto sensing of harmony control instrument

More power, voices & effects
VoiceLive 2 contains virtually all the effects necessary to produce any vocal sounds of decades past, and into the future.
5X processing power of typical floor processor
Separate harmony and doubling blocks
New reverb, tap delay, µMod
FX block for T-Pain effect, megaphone, distortion
Global effects including Tone, pitch correction, and Guitar FX
All effects can be used simultaneously

An engineer that listens
Like a great audio engineer, VoiceLive 2 listens to you and adjusts to make your voice sound smooth and produced.
Tone tailors adaptive EQ, compression and de-ess to your voice
Adaptive gate reduces mic input when you’re not singing
Digital mic-gain control is engaged with your feet

Solid design meets comfort
Built with your comfort in mind, VoiceLive 2 has some practical features that will make for effortless performances.
Natural curve puts footswitches at comfortable angle
Recessed rubberized handle
Bright LCD and large lettering
Rubberized end caps and edit/mix knobs
Extruded aluminum and steel chassis

VLOOP™ – performance vocal looping of vocals and guitar
VoiceLive 2 shortcut assignable single button looper is an easy to use looper for voice or guitar.
Loops effects, vocal, and guitar inputs
Up to 15 seconds of stereo looping, 30 seconds mono
Single button control for play, overdub, stop, undo and erase.
Global loop feedback control

New Features and Improvements.
New Rhythmic effect series including: Rhythmic Sample which lets you create ‘delay-freeze’-style effects for freezing parts of your vocal performance, as in Fat Boy Slim’s Praise You.
Rhythmic Stutter that allows patterns and waveforms to control the level of the voice to create tap tempo gating effects and more.
Rhythmic Gender applies randomized gender patterns , pushing the HardTune effect in vivid new directions.
Lead voice level control added per preset and global for precise balancing of preset levels
Guitar phase reverse parameter helps minimize acoustic guitar feedback
Guitar compressor attack added
System parameter for momentary Harmony and Double effects activation.
Added gender adjustment to Double voices
‘DUAL‘ output mode added which allows your sound tech to control wet vocal and wet guitar individually at the console.
Last preset is now recalled over power cyclesAdded many new expression pedal parameters
Reduced lead voice latency
Improvements to Harmony Hold feature
MIDI Sysex improvements for future editor
Faster setting of Mic Gain pressing Reverb button once singing level is detected
Preset Shortcut and Expression pedal control can now be assigned to Global per preset
Dozens of other under-the-hood fixes and tweaks including 9dB digital output level increase

Exciting new vocal harmony capability
Now it’s easier than ever to lead your own vocal backup group and sound rich and authentically human at the same time. It starts with a guitar, MIDI keyboard or aux-input controlled vocal harmony algorithm with four intervals, each of which can be unison-doubled or 8 discrete voices controlled by your MIDI keyboard playing. And when you want to tap into your gospel soul, there’s the completely new Choir algorithm that creates the massive multi-voice group vocal sound to bring home those memorable choruses.

More automatic features
When you’re worrying about parameter settings, you spend less time focusing on your music so we’ve automated several of VoiceLive 2’s features.
Auto Mic Gain – now you can set the mic gain from a standing position just by singing. Once this is done there are no knobs to be jostled in transit and you can still do manual tweaks if you want to.
Auto Gate – Feedback a problem? An all new Auto Gate listens to you and adjusts to reduce feedback and effects leak-through while you’re not singing.
Adaptive Tone – A single push of the Tone button engages studio quality Shape EQ, compression and de-essing that adapts to the tonal range of your singing style and voice for increased impact and smoothed dynamics. Finally your live singing can have that studio polish.
Reverb and Delay ducking – Increase the sustaining tail of your reverb and delay effects while carving out plenty of room for your lyrics with ducking. The level of the effects is reduced while you sing and then subtly increases after your last syllable for a paradoxical deeper ambience with enhanced intelligibility. Of course, this is all automatic – just select a ducking reverb or delay style, VoiceLive 2 does the rest.

A vocal effects powerhouse
OK we’ve put all our cards on the table here. Now that we have the processing power we’ve just put everything we have in VoiceLive 2. It’s all available simultaneously to take your voice, your performances and your music over the top. In addition to vocal harmony, you can construct or select preset effect chains containing effects to:

Distort your voice – Grunge is good. Make a statement with the Transducer block that also has 4 pole filters for great megaphone and telephone effects.
Clone your voice – employ up to 4 voices of humanized unison overdubs in addition to the 8 harmony voices. This sound has been used since recording began to fatten vocals, now it’s your turn.
Expand your space – A completely new reverb algorithm envelops your voice in dense ambiences from teeny live rooms to concert halls and bright plate simulations. Don’t forget the delay block can serve to add depth or become a highlight effect whether it’s using tap tempo or tape delay styles.
Mod ya later – The full µMod block brings lush chorus, slick microtuning, swooshing flange and more to the party. Those half time bridge sections never sounded more psychedelic.

Random access
Having a large chain of effects won’t do as much good if you can’t add and remove links in the chain when the mood strikes. The individual stompbox footswitches for Harmony, Doubling, µMod, Reverb, Delay and FX give you the flexibility to layer or simplify at will. Also, there’s a Shortcut footswitch that be assigned to add other interesting features such as tap tempo, harmony vhold and others. There is no separation between Song mode and Preset mode as there was in the classic VoiceLive; each preset can have up to 50 steps each of which can contain a different preset or a simple modification of the main preset. Go ahead, get dirty and start creating now.