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A vocal processing powerhouse designed to enable the singing musician to produce captivating vocals in recording and live performance. Everything from exciting harmony parts to evocative character impersonations to simply better vocal sound is possible with VoiceWorksPlus.

Generates up to 4 additional harmony “voices” with a variety of musical input methods
Exclusive TC-Helicon pitch, timing and energy humanization that effectively mimics singing groups
Vocal modeling effects such as breathiness, growl, and resonance help create alternate voice “personalities”
Vocal pitch correction block
TC Electronic Reverb, chorus, tap delay effects & more
Distortion, megaphone and telephone effects
3 band EQ, compressor and gate
Handy top level edit knobs
100 Factory / 100 User presets and MIDI control
Microphone preamp, stereo analog and digital
Optional footswitch control

VoiceWorksPlus can be thought of as a rack full of vocal processing in one single rackspace unit with a couple of specialty effects thrown in for good measure.

The specialty effects, vocal harmony and modeling, offer you the advantages of:
- Producing rich harmony vocals and doubling from one voice during live performance
- Saving time when recording vocal harmonies
- Changing the characteristics of your singing voice with modeling to create interesting vocal hooks and effects

The remaining processing blocks, including the multieffects, dynamics and EQ add to your list of advantages allowing you to :
- Make your live performances sound more like a fully-produced CD
- Make your recordings sound more professional
- Save time preparing for mixes or performances by using factory presets and settings