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Studio Konnekt 48 is the member of the FireWire powered Konnekt audio interface family offering the most comprehensive feature set that the world has ever seen in an audio interface. It is the most complete product TC Electronic has ever made, and it represents a milestone to the computer recording world.

Studio Konnekt 48 offers a comprehensive array of professional features that make recording, mixing and monitoring a breeze. All essential recording tools are in one box including world-class DSP effects, a wealth of I/O options, speaker management and many other powerful tools to take your recordings to the next level.

The extensive I/O section features 4 IMPACT II™ preamps. With 8 line ins on the rear panel, the total amount of simultaneously streamable analog inputs is 12 as well as 12 analog outputs. Two outputs feature digitally controlled analog XLR connections for optimal connection with your main monitor speakers while the analog output section has 2 independent phones out.

The comprehensive digital I/O section features double ADAT 96 kHz SMUX, TOS, S/PDIF and Word Clock I/O and the digital part is powered by the second-to-none DICE Jet jitter elimination engine.

Studio Konnekt 48 comes with nothing short of world-class DSP effects, including the Fabrik C Studio, an easy-to-use channel strip and mastering tool that offers 4-band EQ, multiband compression and limiting based on algorithms from TC’s high-end System 6000. Also running on DSPs you'll find the Fabrik R Studio no compromise reverb based on TC Electronic Reverb 4000 technology.
It has a DSP powered 24/8 digital mixer with 48-bit double precision summing on all mix points. There is no compromise routing for all outputs and a wealth of insert points offering top-notch flexibility.

Not only does Studio Konnekt 48 offer support for surround speaker systems, it does way more than that. The speaker management section is based on technology from the famous AIR™ speaker series, featuring individual speaker level and delay settings. The Bass Management feature gives you total control of your sub speaker and the speaker management offers instant control of up to 3 speaker sets.


The impressing feature list looks like this:

Extensive I/O section with IMPACT II™ preamps
-4 IMPACT II™ mic preamps
-12 analog inputs, 12 analog outputs simultaneously
-High resolution input meter
-96 kHz ADAT (8 channels SMUX), word clock and S/PDIF
-30/28 channels simultaneously to/from DAW
-Digitally controlled analog main XLR outputs
-Dual headphone outs with individual amplification, level control and source

24/8 channel digital mixer with 48-bit double precision summing
-Flexible 24/8 DSP mixer with total recall and DSP effects insert points
-No compromise routing for all outputs
-Full 48-bit double precision summing on all mix busses with 56-bit internal processing
-Talkback with selectable dim setting and listen back feature
-Aux send busses with flexible output routing
-World-class DSP effects
-4 simultaneous 4-band EQ, multiband compression channel strip and mastering effects based on TC System 6000 algorithms
-No compromise built-in reverb based on TC Electronic Reverb 4000 technology
-All plug-ins VST and AU compatible
-Intuitive guitar tuner
-ResFilter plug-in
-Assimilator Konnekt plug-in
-Hardware effects Integrator plug-in

Speaker management based on AIR™ technology
-Full featured bass management section based on AIR™ - Speaker Management Technology
-Full support for surround systems
-Individual speaker level and delay settings in 0.1 steps
-Selectable frequency crossover points
-Support for 3 speaker systems, individually configurable, selectable from the remote

Desktop remote control with integrated talkback microphone
-Full mixer at your hand
-Built-in talkback mic
-High resolution LED light ring
-Compact design

-DICE II JetPLL™ jitter elimination technology with Advanced Clock Recovery
-Expandable with all other Konnekt interfaces thru TC Near