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Let’s Rock Guitar

Let's Rock Guitar has everything you need to know to master the key skills every guitarist needs. With over 100 audio tracks, quick-start videos and 12 lessons in six different styles, you'll start learning chords, licks and riffs straight away.

What you'll learn with Let's Rock

- Chords, power chords, string crossing and rests
- Major and Minor Pentatonic scales, chords and riff playing
- Playback and performance skills


- Over one hour of downloadable video and audio content
- Instrument quick guide - how it works and everything inbetween
- How to read music - learn how to read music, quickly and simply
- 12 lessons in six different styles - each lesson includes audio and video tuition
- Six pieces, six varied styles - put your skills to the test with six kick-ass pieces
- Play rock, pop, metal, country, indie and hip hop
- 120 audio tracks - supporting audio for every musical example and piece
- Video lessons - on getting started and key exercises
- Quiz - put your skills to the test with the Rockschool quiz
- Dropcard - instantly download the accompanying audio and video, hassle-free