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Novation Launch Control XL
The ultimate Ableton Live mixer, effect and instrument controller.

The ultimate controller for Ableton Live, Launch Control XL lets the electronic music producer and performer focus more on their music and less on their laptop. Its 16 buttons, 24 knobs and eight faders integrate seamlessly with Live to give you nothing less than total hands-on control of the DAW’s mixer, instruments and effects. But why stop there? Combine Launch Control XL with Launchpad’s intuitive 64-button grid for simultaneous control of Live’s Session view, mixer, effects and instruments. Live performers and DJs simply won’t find a more comprehensive, flexible and inspiringly tactile control system anywhere.

Focus on Your Music Production
When the musical creativity’s flowing, your computer can easily become a distraction. With your attention focused on Launch Control XL rather than the screen, though, a hands-on connection is made between you and Ableton Live that simply can’t be matched by your mouse and QWERTY keyboard.
     Launch Control XL’s 24 knobs are arranged in three rows, aligning perfectly with Live’s mixer to control Sends A and B, and Pan by default, but switching to the parameters of any currently selected device at the press of a button. The multi-coloured LEDs under the knobs change colour to reflect their assignments – amber for Sends, green for Pans, etc.
     Below the knobs, eight rugged 60mm faders enable high-precision control of mix levels, while 16 multicolour buttons offer immediate track focus, and toggling of Mute, Solo and Record Arm status. Last but not least, the Track and Send Select buttons ensure that no matter how big your project gets, every mixer channel and Sends is readily accessible.

Create Your Own Control Layouts
Although you may never need to go beyond the default setup, you can manually assign Launch Control XL’s buttons, knobs and faders to any parameters you like within Ableton Live, and even customise the knobs with your own choice of LED colours. Needless to say, switching between your own mappings and Launch Control XL’s preset Live integration is instant and effortless.

Enhance Your Live Performance
Combine Launch Control XL with Launchpad to take absolute command of Ableton Live’s Session view. Trigger clips, play Drum Racks and other instruments, and manipulate Live’s mixer, effects and instruments, all at the same time – unbridled performance freedom!

Easily Carry It Around
Tough, compact and built to withstand the rigours of life on the road, Launch Control XL can be thrown in a backpack and put through the most demanding of gigging situations. It’s also fully USB bus powered – no power supply required.

Connect to Just About Anything
Simply plug into your Mac, PC or iOS device and start performing. Although designed with Ableton Live and FL Studio primarily in mind, Launch Control XL also works with any other MIDI-compatible music software in Mac OS X, Windows or iOS (with a Camera Connection Kit, not included). 

Get Everything You Need to Perform
Like everything else in the Novation Launch range, Launch Control XL comes with Ableton Live Lite – the music production software of choice for countless leading artists – plus an enormous collection of royalty-free samples from soundware legends Loopmasters.

- Launch Control XL
- Orange USB Cable
- Getting Started Guide

Launch Control XL is class compliant, so will work with any modern Mac or PC (Windows and Linux). See the Novation website for details.

- Ableton Live Lite
- Launch Control XL MIDI Editor
- Over 1GB of Loopmasters samples

- Unit Weight: 0.9kg
- Dimensions: 3.9cm x 24.0cm x 24.0cm (H x W x D)