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VIBRASS is a completely new device for massaging the lips and facial muscles. A vibrating mouthpiece gently massages the lips increasing the blood circulation. VIBRASS helps to relax and regenerate the embouchure after a concert or practising. Tired and aching lips are no longer a problem. Use VIBRASS after a strenuous concert and you are able to begin afresh within minutes. VIBRASS is also comfortable to operate and ideal to use before warming-up. VIBRASS can be used by all brass and double reed players. All mouthpieces and reeds fit comfortably into the device. VIBRASS - for the use of professionals, amateurs, students - for everyone!

VIBRASS is very easy to operate. The device is battery powered and uses normal batteries. A small electric motor drives a shaft which in turn vibrates the conical adaptor into which your horn, cornet/trumpet, euphonium/baritone, trombone or tuba mouthpiece then fits (a separate adaptor is supplied for each instrument).

VIBRASS massages, strengthens and increases blood circulation in the muscles of the embouchure, using your own mouthpiece. Before playing, VIBRASS should be only used for about two minutes to avoid too much blood flowing into the lips. After playing, VIBRASS can be used for 5 - 10 minutes to relax and regenerate the embouchure. The optimal length of time to use VIBRASS differs according to personal taste.