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Include Rocksure Performance Warranty

For only $999.90, include the
Rocksure Performance Warranty
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The JTM45/100 is a Class-A/B, all-valve, 100 Watt head with two channels (High Treble & Normal) that share tone controls. Our goal for this handwired re-issue is both obvious and simple – to make it as identical to the late 1965 made originals as possible.To this end the circuit, cosmetics, construction, sound and all-important dynamic characteristics all have to be 100% correct – and they are.

We went to incredible lengths to achieve maximum authenticity and are delighted to report that our suppliers were equally as exacting in their tasks As ‘the Guv’nor,’ Dr. Jim Marshall, has already stated, this head first saw the light of day in late 1965 and was affectionately named the JTM45/100 because of the continued use of the JTM45 preamp section and also its front panel. Because original JTM45/100’s are extremely rare and collectable,we had to travel to various parts of the world to examine other originals in addition to closely examining many photographs kindly provided by the lucky few owners. Slight circuit variations were apparent between models due to Marshall’s ongoing development of the 100 watt amplifier at that time.

The circuit we have revisited for the JTM45/100 is vastly different to the later circuit we use for our critically acclaimed, late 60s Plexi re-issue, the 1959HW. The most relevant technical departures in question lie in the dual output transformers, Power Supply Topology and the use of KT66 power valves just like the originals.

The JTM45/100 is an extremely straightforward amplifier. Its two channels – High Treble and Normal - each have two inputs (High and Low sensitivity) and separate Loudness (volume) controls. Both channels share the amplifier’s four tone controls:Treble, Middle, Bass and Presence. Like all Marshall valve amplifiers, the JTM45/100 performs at its very best when turned up to deliver your personally preferred dynamic range. Due to its power rating and astonishing projection, it can be a formidable live amplifier in even the largest of venues.A truth bore out by its impressive history time-andtime again. The JTM45/100’s organic, vibrant, sweetly distorted, harmonically rich and thick musical tone emanates from its power valves being driven into a dual 50 watt output stage.When ‘cranked,’ the JTM45/100 produces its own unique roar with an inspiring ‘punch you in the chest’ clout. It reacts superbly to the guitar’s volume control / player feel combination and, not surprisingly, responds exceedingly well to picking dynamics too. From ‘in-your-face’ when you play with unbridled aggression to subtle ‘in your ear’ blues caresses when you pull back and turn down…just like the celebrated masters of the day.

The speaker cabinets in the Anniversary Stack, 812T40 and 812B40, have been designed to recreate the majestic look of the original 8x12s when stacked.We could, of course, have replicated the 8x12 but in consideration to your back (and your roadies!) we decided that dividing it into two 4x12s was much more sensible! Just like the original 8x12, both cabs are loaded with Celestion’s highly celebrated T652 Alnico Speakers.The angled top cabinet also features a semi-open back, just like the genuine 8x12 reference we took our dimensions from.