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Include Rocksure Performance Warranty

For only $369.90, include the
Rocksure Performance Warranty
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The 1974X is an authentic re-issue of the fabled model 1974 combo of the late sixties (1966-1968). Just like the original, it boasts a point-to-point, handwired, tagboard circuit housed in an aluminium chassis, plus a valve-driven tremolo circuit. At the very heart of its simple, but effective, two channel design can be found six valves: three ECC83s in the preamp, an EZ81 rectifier and a pair of cathode biased EL84s in the power stage. As the output and mains transformers are vital components in any amplifier as they influence performance, sound and feel, we worked extremely closely with our associates at Dagnall in order to duplicate the original, "off-the-shelf" transformers in all areas.

Another major contributing factor to the distinctive sound of vintage 1974 combos is the way the original 20 Watt, ceramic magnet, Celestion Greenback T1221 loudspeaker's tone has softened with age.

In order to recreate the gorgeously smooth tones of a 35-year-old vintage Greenback, Celestion not only revisited the 1967 recipe for the speaker, they also came up with a proprietary way of "aging" the speakers so they sound and feel like the originals made in the late '60s! The same exact, exclusive "aged" T1221 Greenback speaker is also found in the 1974CX, a 1x12" extension cabinet for the 1974X.