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The Mapex Black Panther  -  Design Lab  -  Cherry Bomb

The Black Panther Design Lab Cherry Bomb system is a very unique sound for modern drums. Using all cherry wood, 1mm plies, the Cherry Bomb’s focus is unmatched. An incredible vintage tone with the body of modern drums. High toms descend in ½” depths to retain their drive and punch in the music. The Cherry Bomb system is a hybrid of the classic sounds of beloved vintage drums with modern hardware and cutting edge technology.


The Concept Hybrid approach uses the specific blending of different woods, bearing edge profiles, hoop styles, reinforcement rings, lug casings, snare wires, drumheads and even shell finishes, to affect the performance and character of a drum. Using this “Sound First” approach, a multiple tone, sonic concept is chosen and the MAPEX Design Lab of Artist, Engineers and Designers, bring to life!


Is standard on all BPDL shells, allowing the drumhead to sit flatter on the shell, making better contact. The result is a stronger and deeper fundamental pitch, effortless and consistent tuning, and a significantly expanded tuning range. For the serious player, the increased head-to-edge contact increases shell vibration, allowing the sonic nuances of the hybrid shell to stand out.


The elegant design of this distinctive Black Panther lug has been revised by the Design Lab to form the new Master Tune Lug. The first truly “Locking Tube Lug”, the Master Tune Lug utilizes a small body for the least amount of metal-to-wood contact. A Design Lab-exclusive pressured locking mechanism is outfitted on every lug to keep the drum in tune, show after show.


The steel leg is prevented from contacting the ground by an internal cotter pin, allowing the floor tom to “float” on the elevated “spring" of the rubber foot, eliminating vibration transfer and maximizing resonance.


Plies get progressively thicker, depths graduate by 1/2”, bearing edges change and the SAS ring system changes as the drums get larger in diameter. The combination of these details creates an amazing symphony in one kit, where each and every drum sounds perfect!


One of the amazing elements to playing the Black Panther Design Lab drums is the “feel” of the instrument. The venting is key to the feel and the overall resonance of the shells. Through painstaking testing, each Chamber Specific approach has lead to a formula of multiple vent holes in both Design Lab systems. Toms and bass drums have different combinations of vent holes. These air flow vents are strategically positioned in alignment with the lugs, so as to not affect the resonance of the shells.


All Design Lab floor toms have the new “lift” bracket design. The metal components of the floor tom brackets are now entirely on the outside of the shell, isolated by the special rubber lift gasket. This releases all pressure from the shell, alleviating vibration loss.

The 90˚ Leg design was also given strong consideration in regard to its sonic implications. The straighter the path to the floor, the more sound is lost. Hence, the 90˚ "static" Design Lab legs allow the most possible resonance from the floor toms and Aux Drum™. This can then be attenuated in real-time with the SAS version of this leg.


This BREAKTHROUGH eliminates the need for external muffling of your floor toms. Given that a straighter path to the ground through the floor tom legs results in greater loss of sound, the ability to alter their shape allows you to control the resonance. With options for every angle, even beyond 90˚ to a radical inverted position, the SAS floor tom leg makes unlimited real-time attenuation of your drums possible


This is a brand new approach to mounting and sonically suspending the toms on your drum kit. Invented by Randall May International Inc., and tailored for Mapex Black Panther Design Lab, MAATS-A was developed to accentuate and attenuate the purity of the instrument’s sonic properties. It also gives the opportunity to personalize the response of the drum to each player’s personal preference.

The result is an unprecedented sound and feel, alleviating vibration transfer loss. The multiple US & International Patent Pending MAATS system mitigates the weight of the drum into a dynamically/floating magnetic space field. Thus, allowing for the for magnetic adjustment to custom define the sustain and note size individually for each drum.


The Mapex Black Panther Design Lab uses a revolutionary process involving reinforcement rings. Rather than using rings solely for the purpose of keeping thin-shelled drums round, Mapex focuses on how the use of rings and their unique placement can affect the sonic character of the instrument.

The first example of this approach by Mapex came with the design of the Black Panther artist inspired "Versatus" snare drum. A batter-side-only ring was used to create a "vintage" style tone: applying more wood at the top edge gave the drum a thicker - or "fatter" - sounding rimshot and backbeat compared to most shallow-depth snares. The absence of a ring on the bottom edge maintained the articulation and sensitivity necessary for lower-volume playing, whether that be ghost-notes or playing with brushes.

This breakthrough concept was then applied to the entire Versatus system kit with amazing results. These “Sonic" rings are distributed in varying degrees throughout the system.


  • Finish: Natural Cherry
  • Material: Cherry Wood
  • Hardware: Chrome
  • Magnetic Air Adjustment Tom Suspension For Acoustic Drums Included
  • SAS Master Tune Lugs
  • 90° Floor Tom Legs
  • SAS Sonic Pedestal Foot
  • Chamber Specific Design
  • SAS Ring System
  • 12 x 8" Mounted Tom
  • 14 x 14"  &  16 x 16" Floor Toms
  • 22 x 16" Bass Drum






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