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The Mackie HR624 is a THX-approved, six-inch, two-way active reference monitor that provides the same legendary accuracy of Mackie's HR824 in a more compact, lighter-weight, lower-priced package. The HR624 is designed to work perfectly with the Mackie HRS120, 12" 400-watt active subwoofer system as well as the Mackie HR824 active 8" monitor in surround installations.

The Mackie HR624 is the ideal choice for smaller recording studios, or home and project studios looking for a monitor with the best combination of features and value. Through shared acoustic technology, the HR624 offers the same clarity and responsiveness of the HR824, but in a smaller size. Its six-inch woofer offers smooth, detailed mid-range frequency responsiveness with the same high-end clarity and low-end punch as the HR824. With extremely even dispersion for a wider "sweet spot" and user-adjustable controls for different acoustic spaces, the HR624 is an excellent choice for high precision, near-field sound reinforcement.

What's more, given the HR624's high output, wide frequency response and small size, it is also ideally suited for rear surround sound channels in home theater installations. Mackie is so confident in the HR624's frequency response that each speaker comes with a certificate of calibration.

Back in the ’90s, our HR Series studio reference monitors revolutionized studio monitoring. With their incredible sound quality and affordability, they earned a wide and loyal following, fast becoming the industry standard. It was through our innovation, and commitment to great sound, that we managed to redefine the studio monitor. With that same ingenuity at work, we’ve reinvented our HR Series to bring you the new studio standard: the HRmk2 High Resolution Active Studio Reference Monitors.

The HRmk2s surpass the legendary performance of our classic HRs to deliver even better sound quality, in a stunning new package. The precisely engineered contours of the cast aluminum Zero Edge Baffle™ minimize diffraction for a crystal clear image of your mix, and control sound waves so you get detailed lows, full, articulate mids, and shimmering highs—whether you’re on axis or off. Working in concert with the baffle’s contours, the unique passive radiator design delivers astonishing bass extension that’s super-tight and always distortion-free. Wide, even dispersion of all frequencies, as well as incredible depth of field, allow you to accurately hear your mix, transforming your studio’s sweet spot into a full-on sweet zone. And the high-gloss piano black wood cabinet not only looks hot, but adds just enough warmth so your sound is true, not sterile.

Our HRmk2s were created with High Definition audio in mind—with such unbelievable sound quality, there’s little wonder why the HRmk2 Series was approved for THX pm3 compliance on its initial trial. THX pm3 Certification means that the HRmk2s have met the stringent standards set by THX Ltd.for outstanding performance, and that these monitors can be used with confidence by anyone seeking THX Certification for their studio, or striving to maintain THX standards.

We thought of every last detail, from consistency in sound from one HRmk2 monitor to the next, to an aesthetic design that unifies the whole HRmk2 family. Building on—and evolving from—our classic HR monitors' legacy of excellence, HRmk2s deliver superior performance and design, making them a truly pro monitoring solution for today's studio.

Professional Recording Studios
Home & Project Studios
Film (THX) & Post Production Studios
Home Theater Installations
Features & Benefits

Ruler-Flat Response
52Hz to 20kHz, + 1.5 dB
Benefit: Sound true to actual recording
Benefit: Any pair of speakers is a matched pair

Active Technology

2 Amplifiers; HF 40W; LF 100W
Benefit: Precise dividing slope, correct phase and low distortion
Benefit: Minimal chance of speaker damage due to overdriving

Servo Loop Woofer Technology

Electronic control and dampening
Benefit: Speaker output is as true to incoming signal as possible

Frequency Response Controls

80Hz low-cut switch; 3-position live/dead switch (-2dB, Normal and +2dB)
Benefit: Excellent response in a variety of acoustic environments

Wide Sweet Spot

Custom-designed die-cast wave guide
Benefit: User hears the same thing across a wider range of motion

Three-Position Acoustic Space Switch
Compensation in bass response for half-space (-2dB) and quarter-space (-4dB) placement
Benefit: As close-to-flat performance as possible regardless of placement in room


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