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Ask in store about custom etching.

Each pair of LSTN Troubadours is individually handcrafted from real, reclaimed wood. No two pairs are the same and wood grain might vary from photos.

For every pair sold, LSTN helps restore hearing to a person in need through the Starkey Hearing Foundation.

- Reclaimed ebony wood casing
- Plush earcups for long term use
- Unpluggable, wood enclosed, gold plated plugs
- In-line microphone
- Durable, nylon wrapped cables
- Adjustable metal band
- Works with iPhone®, iPod®, Android®, Blackberry®, CD, DVD, spaceships etc.

- Drawstring, woven carrying bag to protect from scratches

Tech Specs
- Frequency response: 18Hz – 22KHz
- Sensitivity: 101+/-3dB At 1KHz1mW
- Impedance: 32 Ohm
- R&L balance< < 3dB(50Hz-6KHz 1mW)
- Rated input power: 30mW
- Maximum input power: 50mW
- Cable: length 1.2m
- Plug: 3.5mm gold plated
- Wood cup measures "3L x "2.75W

Reclaimed Wood
Why are guitars, violins, drums, pianos, etc made out of wood, but headphones aren't? Our unique wooden chambers are a huge contributor to the warm and natural sound of LSTN headphones.

LSTN is also environmentally friendly – we aren't out chopping down trees to create our products. The reclaimed wood we use is sourced from furniture and flooring companies. Specifically, it's the small otherwise discarded scraps that are left over from their manufacturing process.

Our Woods
Ebony - This dense, hard wood is prized for making piano keys, clarinets, oboes and even bagpipes. Ebony trees are found in Mozambique and Tanzania. The color of ebony wood ranges from dark brown to jet black.

Cherry - This beautiful wood is usually used in high end furniture and the tops of guitars. Our cherry wood is from Brazil. The color ranges from a deep orange to a dark red.

Beech-  Our lightest wood is also used to make drums, smoke fine cheeses and is made into chips to aid in  the beer brewing process. Mmm! You can find beech wood mainly in North America. The color does not stray from blonde/light brown.
Zebra  - Imported from a tree native to Central Africa, Zebra wood is a very hard and visually stunning wood, zebra wood has been used for exotic decorative items ranging from custom furniture and wall paneling, to inlays for car companies such as Cadillac and Mercedes-Benz. It's even been used to make exotic guitars!

Today there are over 360 MILLION people worldwide who are hearing impaired.

95% of children in deaf schools worldwide can be helped with just a hearing aid.

Starkey Hearing Foundation provides 100,000 hearing aids to people in need around the world each year, and is committed to over 1,000,000 this decade.

We believe that what’s good for business should be good for the world. When we started LSTN, our mission was to create a company that could create global change by providing high quality products that help fund hearing restoration and spread awareness for the global problem of hearing loss and hearing impairment. Our Giving Back. Amplified. program wasn’t an afterthought or marketing gimmick, it was the reason we started LSTN.We didn’t just want to create another headphone company. We wanted to create something that could change the world.

By purchasing a pair of LSTN headphones, you’re a part of that help.

There is no conversion of money or percentage someone has to calculate. You buy some amazing headphones - you impact a life.

You can see some of the amazing impact you help create right here.

Starkey Hearing Foundation Global Missions

Starkey Hearing Foundation Domestic Programs

We will continue to show how your purchases have helped to date through our partnership with Starkey Hearing Foundation on our site and social media platforms for transparency. Thanks so much for your support!

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