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Include Rocksure Performance Warranty

For only $1,599.90, include the
Rocksure Performance Warranty
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The Most Accurate '57 Custom Reissue Yet

Among all the advances made since the Historic program was initiated in 1993, nothing represents the kind of quantum leap forward of the 2015 True Historic range. Fanatic new levels of detail accuracy have inspired a total re-tooling and re-training at Gibson Custom, delivering the authentic ownership experience that places the beauty, feel, and tone of an original 1950s Gibson in your hands. Produced in very limited numbers, the True Historic 1957 Les Paul Custom benefits from molecular-level analysis of original vintage plastics to achieve uncanny precision in its characteristic multi-ply binding, inlays and appointments. A double-carved and hand-sanded top and neck, hand wet-sanded finish, hand-filed rolled fingerboard binding and other exacting details bring you closer to the real thing than ever before.

True Historic Plastics
- Molecular level analysis delivers authentic vintage design 
- Based on lab analysis of original Gibson plastics from the 1950's, the plastics on the True Historics including the Toggle Washer, Cream Jackplate, Cream Pickguard, Pickup Mounting Rings and Toggleswitch Cap, have been reformulated and re-engineered to the original specifications of their vintage counterparts.
True Historic Pickup Covers - Designed and engineered based on the originals
- Engineered and manufactured to capture every angle and nuance of original vintage pickup covers.
Double-Carved Top - Authentic vintage dish profile
- To recapture the top carve profile of original Vintage Gibson Les Pauls, all True Historic Les Pauls are double carved by CNC, with the final shape of their dish carve achieved through a hand-sanding process.
Double-Carved Neck - Hand sanded for ideal playability and accurate profile
- The necks on all True Historic guitars are double-carved and then hand sanded to achieve that legendary vintage Gibson neck profile; the "beefy", solid feel of a beautifully hand-crafted Les Paul that rests in the player's hand like no other guitar.
"Broken" Peghead Edges, Smoother Edges - Vintage Looks and Feel
- Hand-sanded peghead, neck and body edges beautifully capture the look and feel of a true vintage Les Paul.
Thinner Peghead Veneer - A testament to obsession with detail
- While you can't see it on a finished Les Paul, original 50's guitars from Gibson had a thinner peghead veneer. In 2015, all True Historic guitars feature this thoughtful detail in their mission to be as close to an original as possible.
Thinner True Historic Wet-Sanded Finish - More work, more authentic
- All True Historic guitars from Gibson Custom are sprayed with thinner finishes, as were the original 1950's guitars, and are now had wet-sanded for beauty and authenticity.
Hide Glue Top Construction - A real vintage spec on the most "original" Reissue yet
- Along with all hide glue neck construction, Gibson Custom extends the use of hide glue to join the back and top of every True Historic guitar, just as it was done in the 1950's.
Rolled Fingerboard Binding - It's all about feel and playability
- One of the most magical aspects of an original 50's Les Paul is its smooth, natural feel. We hand-file the fingerboard binding on every True Historic Les Paul to capture that feel precisely.