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TTE Footswitch

Warning! Only for use with 8/2012 and newer dated TTE's with serial # 3480 or higher.

New TTE's (8/2012 and newer) have a Cancel function that is now controlled by an electronic relay. The benefit of this is that (unlike old Echoplexes and pre- 8/2012 Tube Tape Echos) the playback head audio signal does NOT travel through this cable and footswitch therefore is not affected by the length or quality of the cable used to connect the footswitch to the cancel jack.

You can use any standard amp channel switcher footswitch (which grounds the tip of the 1/4" cable to operate) with a Tube Tape Echo so you don't HAVE to buy our footswitch.

However... the benefit to the Fulltone TTE Footswitch is that simply by using any guitar type cable (of any length) with our switch, you get super bright Red and Green status LED's WITHOUT connecting any power whatsoever to the foostwitch.... Cool!