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RedNet 1 (eight channels) and RedNet 2 (16 channels) offer the standard method for getting analogue audio into and out of your RedNet system.

RedNet 1 connects to your network with a single Ethernet cable, is remotely controlled via the network and can be placed anywhere in your facility. It features Focusrite’s precision 24-bit AD and DA conversion for superb audio performance, with 120dB dynamic range at sample rates up to 192kHz. The rear panel includes standard DB25 connectors for analogue patchbay or breakout cable interfacing. The front panel displays sample rate, operating level and signal level indicators. Multiple units can be connected to the system, which supports up to 128 channels input and output at up to 96kHz sampling, and 64 channels at 192kHz.

• Dynamic Range: 120dB
• THD+Noise (input and output) <0.001%
• Input and output 0dBFS reference levels +18dBu (EBU) or +24dBu (SMPTE-RP155)
• JetPLLTM technology minimises jitter in the conversion process
• Supported sample rates: 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 192kHz

• Analogue inputs 1 – 8 via DB25 connector
• Analogue outputs 1 – 8 via DB25 connector
• Dante Ethernet port

The Dante advantage
Audinate’s DanteTM technology provides the perfect infrastructure for RedNet, providing a robust and reliable network architecture with easily-sourced, standard components, most of which will already be familiar to audio engineering professionals. It delivers a guaranteed 128 input and 128 output channel architecture at 44.1, 48 and 96kHz or 64 I/O at 192kHz. Using an optional PCIe card, extremely low latency can be achieved, under three milliseconds at any sample rate. Interfaces can be remotely controlled from the host computer, and added or relocated easily. Dante allows interfaces to be located a significant distance away from the host computer, and thus placed in locations determined by requirement and not by technical limitation. A single audio network can span the largest facility – and in many cases the physical networking infrastructure will already be in place.

Dante also allows system components to be controlled remotely via a software application on the host computer or even via external hardware control surfaces. Interfaces can be installed anywhere on the network and hot-swapped: RedNet automatically recognises and configures them as soon as they appear.

The RedNet Range
The RedNet range will initially comprise five products. Four high-quality, versatile interfaces that deliver the traditional Focusrite ethos and performance, where sound is everything, while providing exceptional value for money. Accompanying these will be the optional RedNet PCI Express card, enabling low-latency audio – under three milliseconds at any sample rate.*

Every analogue interface delivers dynamic range of 120dB, with 24-bit resolution at sample rates up to 192kHz. And each embodies the most advanced digital audio conversion designs on the market. Each RedNet I/O device also includes JetPLLTM for ultra-low-jitter clock recovery. Focusrite conversion systems incorporate the latest AD and DA components. Analogue circuit design and implementation is given as much importance as digital design, resulting in quality that is, quite literally, second to none.

Hosting RedNet
RedNet interfaces can operate alongside any supported PC or Mac with an Ethernet port (including laptops), using Audinateʼs Dante Virtual Soundcard (DVS) driver, meaning portable RedNet rigs can be configured. However, Focusriteʼs RedNet PCIe card, which features its own, single Ethernet socket, is dedicated to communicating with the RedNet network. The technology on this card yields the extremely low latencies and high track count that makes RedNet the ultimate studio upgrade.

RedNet PCIe Card Performance:
Sample Rates: 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 192kHz
Track Count: 128 x 128 up to 96kHz, 64 x 64 @ 192kHz
Latency: Less than 3ms at all sample rates*

The Dante Virtual Soundcard will also work at these sample rates and will be available in the near future. Sign up to the RedNet newsletter to keep abreast with the technology as it progresses.

*Latency performance under 3ms requires the RedNet PCIe card and assumes a DAW buffer setting of 32 samples or less.


Scalable, up to 128 inputs and 128 outputs
Supporting even the most demanding studio environments, choose from four high quality audio interfaces and connect as many as you like to your RedNet network.

Pristine audio quality with low latency
RedNet stands up to the sonic demands of the professional studio with 120dB dynamic range and less than 3ms latency at any sample rate when using the RedNet PCIe card.

Robust and reliable networked audio system
Dante is a tried and tested audio networking standard, endorsed by companies like Yamaha, and by Britannia Row, who rely on it for major live events on a regular basis.

Professional networked audio system
With 24-bit operation at up to 192kHz sampling and JetPLLTM jitter-reduction technology, RedNet is a professional studio system supporting the needs of any studio.

Easiest studio configuration – ever
Interfaces can be hot-swapped anytime and controlled remotely via the included RedNet control software.

Supports any open DAW package
No need to spend hours learning a new platform – RedNet supports Pro Tools 9, Logic, Nuendo or any other open DAW running on Mac and Windows computers.

RedNet network requirements
RedNet uses standard 1Gbits/sec Ethernet components that support QoS (Quality of Service) for the audio network. QoS allows different priority to be assigned to different applications to ensure that they get the bandwidth they need. Dante employs standard Voice over IP (VoIP) QoS switch features to prioritise clock sync and audio data over other network traffic. A wide variety of inexpensive switches with these capabilities are available; and if a switch offers the following features, it should be compatible with Dante and with the RedNet system:

• Gigabit ports for inter-switch connections
• Quality of Service (QoS) with four queues
• Diffserv (DSCP) QoS, with strict priority

The use of managed switches is recommended to provide detailed information about the correct operation of each network link.

Given the vast number of network equipment manufacturers and models available, Focusrite cannot guarantee that a certain product will work with Dante and RedNet. However, Audinate tests network equipment and maintains a list of known Dante-compatible switches and other components. A list of switches tested with RedNet will be made available via the Focusrite web site.