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The Focusrite RedNet D16R AES is a 1U, 19-inch rack-mount Dante interface, offering 16 channels of AES/EBU connectivity. Part of RedNet Focusrite’s RedNet range of modular Ethernet-networked audio distribution systems, D16R AES connects to a network via a single Ethernet cable.

The Rednet D16R is optimised for bridging between digital consoles, power amplifiers or any other AES3-equipped audio equipment via the Dante network. The unit features a rugged, roadworthy exterior and high internal build quality. 

Each input features SRC (Sample Rate Conversion) that facilitates plug-and-play operation with any AES3  source. Word Clock I/O and DARS (Digital Audio Reference Signal) connections allow synchronisation with a wide range of external sources and hardware, while S/PDIF I/O allows the integration of equipment such as CD or solid-state recorders/players.

The D16R is fitted with two separate power supplies and fault detection capabilities for failsafe redundancy, with separate power input sockets (with retaining clips) on the rear of the unit. 

Two DB25 connectors each provide eight channels of combined I/O to the AES59 
standard. The rear-panel XLR female input can be used either as a DARS sync source for the Dante system, or as an AES3 audio source replacing input channels 1–2 on the DB25 connectors. 

An XLR male socket provides a duplicated AES3 outlet for output channels 1–2.
The RCA S/PDIF input can similarly replace input channels 3–4 of the DB25 connectors, while the S/PDIF output can replicate any adjacent odd/even pair of the 16 output channels.

The two etherCON network connectors on the rear of the unit allow two modes of operation. All the clocking and input/output options of RedNet D16R AES are remotely-controlled by the RedNet Control software application for Mac and PC.

Key Features

• 16 Channel bi-directional RedNet AES3 Interface for Dante Networks
• Power supply and Ethernet redundancy with auto switchover in case of failure, and locking etherCON network connectors.
•  Sample rate conversion allows external equipment to run at any sample rate
•  Compact 1U chassis allows maximum functionality in minimum rack space
•  Two 8-channel AES59 combined I/O DB25 connections, plus a pair of XLR3 connectors duplicating channels 1 and 2
•  Rear panel XLR input connector either be used as a DARS input or as a traditional AES3 audio input
•  S/PDIF input and outputs provided on RCA connectors; ideal for connecting CD players or solid-state recorders
•  Word Clock I/O on BNC connectors allows synchronisation of the Dante network to house clock, or syncing external equipment to the Dante network
•  RedNet Control and Dante control software allow routing and control from your audio computer system via a software control panel – no hardware patching required