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Include Rocksure Performance Warranty

For only $599.00, include the
Rocksure Performance Warranty
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Red 8 Pre
The pinnacle of Focusrite’s interface design– Red 8Pre is our best interface yet. Our cleanest mic preamps, best-sounding converters and a build quality that harks back to the original Red series.


- Our best conversion performance– ‘Parallel path summing’ configuration realises our quietest design to date, with up to 121dB dynamic range. Sample rates up to 24-bit 192 kHz make it ideal for high-resolution audio.
- Dual Thunderbolt™ 2 ports for daisy-chaining– Connect to a DAW while connecting Thunderbolt devices such as hard drives and displays.
- DirectPro Toolsconnection– Standard dual DigiLink connectivity to Pro Tools | HD systems and existing Avid interfaces.
- Dual Ethernet ports for Dante audio-over-IP networking - Add up to 32 low-latency inputs and outputs by connecting Dante-compatible components to the Ethernet ports, wherever there’s an Ethernet connection.
- Eight ‘Red Evolution’ ‘Air’-enabled mic pres– Digitally controlled, providing up to 63dB of ultra-clean gain plus Air mode - analogue emulation of our heritage ISA preamp characteristics.
- 1.67ms* round-trip latency– Track, overdub and mix with preferred plug-ins and record virtual instruments in real time.
- Front-panel instrument inputs– Easy access to high-headroom instrument connections even when rack-mounted.
- Software Included – FocusriteControl software allows mic preampcontrol and set-up of mixes, monitors and channel assignments. Also included are the Softube Time and Tone Bundle and the Focusrite Red Plug-in Suite.

64 In / 64 Out Thunderbolt™ 2 and Pro Tools | HD compatible audio interface, with Dante™ network audio connectivity
Red 8Pre builds on the brilliant success of the Red 4Pre by adding an additional four Red Evolution mic pres and eight further analogue line I/O, while maintaining the sleek 1U form factor. This 64x64 audio interface allows connection to any Pro Tools|HD workstation or Thunderbolt-equipped Mac thanks to its dual mini-DigiLink ports and dual Thunderbolt 2 connectors. Most importantly Red 8Pre features the highest audio quality available in its class by combining state-of-the-art A-D and D-A conversion with Focusrite’s prestigious mic pres with unique “Air” feature. And, by including 32x32 Dante networked audio I/O, your studio will be easy to expand both today and well into the future.

Thunderbolt or Pro Tools|HD
Red 8Pre features both Thunderbolt 2 connectivity and dual mini-DigiLink ports allowing you the best of both Core Audio and Pro Tools|HD workflows. Take Red 8Pre on the road for location recording over Thunderbolt then connect the same interface to Pro Tools|HDX or Pro Tools|HD Native back at the studio for mixdown. The combination of low-latency conversion and driver technology allows real-time foldback mixes to be created in the DAW while you continue to use your native plug-ins. Unlike many interfaces, both mini-DigiLink and Thunderbolt 2 connectivity comes as standard, so there’s no need to buy an additional option card.

Eight Red Evolution Mic Pres
Focusrite’s Red Evolution mic pres draw on many decades of design prowess as well as many of the elements behind the incredibly popular RedNet mic pre used in many studios, broadcast facilities and live performances around the world. The digitally-controlled mic pres deliver a clear and honest sound with very low noise and plenty of gain available for the most-quiet of sources. They can be controlled from the front panel or remotely over Thunderbolt using Focusrite Control. Additionally the mic pre settings can be saved and recalled allowing you to quickly re-setup for your next session. They also include our unique ”Air” effect, recreating the sound of the transformer-based mic preamps in the ISA and original Red ranges. When ‘Air’ is enabled, the microphone impedance is lowered and the sound is given a subtle mid-high boost – all in the analogue domain.

Parallel Path Conversion
Focusrite has been designing digital converters for over 20 years. From the original Blue 245 and 260 mastering-grade A-D and D-A, through the Liquid Channel and more recently RedNet, digital conversion is a key part of our design heritage and philosophy. Every converter we design starts with the same objectives: low latency, high dynamic range and a flat, wide frequency response. Red 8Pre’s conversion achieves just that, lightning fast performance, a dynamic range of 118dB A-D and 121dB D-A and a flat response to 35kHz. By using “parallel path summing” we have achieved even greater noise-performance than ever.

Ultra-low Latency
Monitoring latency is the enemy of any performer and if the performance isn’t excellent, the final mix won’t be either. By utilising the lowest-latency conversion available, coupled with a high-performance Core Audio driver, Red 8Pre’s analogue round trip latency is kept to an exceptionally low minimum of 1.67ms.

Hugely flexible
Since Red 8Pre allows the user to assign any physical input or output to any driver/Pro Tools|HD channel, it’s easier than ever to customise the interface layout and integrate hardware inserts. Simply open Focusrite Control software and reallocate the channels as required.

Room for expansion
While Red 8Pre has enough I/O for many scenarios, sometimes more is needed. That’s why Red 8Pre includes two ADAT ports, for up to 16 additional inputs and outputs. Simply connect any ADAT equipment, such as the Focusrite Octopre, using lightpipes.
     However in today’s modern studio, audio networking is taking over. Focusrite’s RedNet range is the world’s most popular modular audio-over-IP platform. We’ve brought some of that technology to Red 8Pre, allowing up to 32 channels of Dante inputs and outputs to be connected. Simply plug in an Ethernet cable and add additional mic pres or line I/O with ease. Alternatively arrive at the studio or venue and simply connect one Ethernet cable to Red 8Pre to gain access to the whole network. The possibilities are huge.

Included Software
Red 8Pre includes the new Focusrite Control software, providing a straightforward and intuitive way to set up mixes and monitoring, as well as controlling the mic pres – recalling settings, assigning stereo pairs, adjusting gain and enabling features such as high-pass filtering and phantom power. In addition, Red 8Pre is packaged with Softube’s Time and Tone Bundle – a unique plug-in pack including four of Softube’s professional quality plug-ins: Drawmer S73 Intelligent Master Processor, TSAR-1R Reverb, Tube Delay and Saturation Knob. Also in the box is the Focusrite Red Plug-in Suite, which accurately models Focusrite’s classic Red range 2 and 3 equaliser and compressor hardware


Supported Sample Rates
- 44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, 88.2 kHz, 96 kHz, 176.4 kHz, 192 kHz

System Requirements
- Mac OS 10.9 Mavericks, 10.10 Yosemite or 10.11 El Capitan

Microphone Inputs
- Frequency Response: 20 Hz - 35 kHz +/-0.2 dB
- Dynamic Range: 119 dB (A-weighted)
- THD+N: 0.0009%
- EIN: –129 dBu (A-Weighted)
- Maximum input level: +19 dBu

Line Inputs 1-8
- Frequency Response: 20 Hz - 35 kHz +/-0.2 dB
- Dynamic Range: 119 dB (A-weighted)
- THD+N: 0.0009%
- Maximum input level: +27dBu

Line Inputs 9-16
- Frequency Response: 20 Hz - 35 kHz +/-0.2 dB
- Dynamic Range: 119 dB (A-weighted)
- THD+N: 0.0006%
- Maximum input level: +27dBu

Instrument Inputs
- Frequency Response: 20 Hz - 35 kHz +/-0.2 dB
- Dynamic Range: 117dB (A-Weighted)
- THD+N: 0.002%
- Maximum input level: +15dBu

Monitor Outputs
- Frequency Response: 20 Hz - 35 kHz +/-0.2 dB
- Dynamic Range: +120dB (A-Weighted)
- Maximum Output Level (0 dBFS): +18dBu
- THD+N: 0.0012%

Line Outputs 3-18
- Frequency Response: 20 Hz - 35 kHz +/-0.2 dB
- Dynamic Range (Line Outputs): +121dB (A-Weighted)
- Maximum Output Level (0 dBFS): +18dBuTHD+N0.0008%

Headphone Outputs
- Dynamic Range: 114dB (A-Weighted) @ 600R
- THD+N: 0.018% @ 600R
- Maximum Output Level‘+16dBu @ 600R
- Max Output Power80mW (+19dBm) @ 600R