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Ravenna 26 Harp

Playing the harp is much easier and more enjoyable when you have an instrument that sounds good and functions well, and this is the driving concept behind the Ravenna models. To provide the best performance, the Ravenna is made with the same high-quality hardware and materials as our more expensive models. So, in order to meet our goal of affordability for the most budget-conscious harpists, we came up with an innovative construction technique that reduces the time we put into building them. We also priced separately all the accessories and options that are useful but not immediately essential, which is why the base price includes just the instrument and a tuning wrench. Each person can add exactly what they want or need to fit their budget.

Not just for beginners, the Ravenna 26 is a great harp for anyone who needs something small and portable. It has a remarkably full and bright sound for its size, and features our characteristic tuning stability and even string tension. The staveback soundbox provides an extra level of playing comfort.

Other accessories can be ordered with the harp or added later, as budget allows. A common addition is a partial or full set of sharping levers, which opens up the range of available playing keys. All the lever holes are pre-drilled, making it possible to add Loveland levers later on. It does require time and detailed work, so we usually recommend starting out with as many sharping levers as your budget can accommodate.

Unless the harp is being played by a small child, you will probably want a drop-down leg or a stand to raise it up to a comfortable height. The drop-down leg slides into playing position with the twist of a knob, can be adjusted to any height, and retracts back into the harp when you're done playing. The removable stand raises it about 12 inches (8-inch and 5-inch legs are also available) and holds it steady on four legs. If neither option fits in the budget, you can set it up on a step-stool while playing.

The CE26 or CD26 case makes this harp easy to take in the car or carry on the subway. The CE26 does a good job of giving basic protection to the harp. The CD26 is thicker and has more pockets, including separate, protective compartments to hold the stand base and legs. Both have optional backpack straps.


- 26 strings, 3½ octaves
- Laminated birch soundbox
- Comfortable staveback design
- Full Loveland sharping levers


26 strings
3½ octaves
Low: C one octave below middle C
High: G 2½ octaves above middle C

Treble and mid-range: nylon monofilament
Bass: nylon core with nylon wrap

Full set of Loveland levers
Loveland levers on C & F
No levers
Custom configurations of Loveland levers

Soundboard: laminated Finland birch with a clear finish
Neck and pillar: solid ash with clear finish
Soundbox: laminated Finland birch with black ash-grained vinyl veneer

Harp: approximately 14 pounds
Stand adds 3 pounds
Note: the weight can vary by up to 2 pounds, depending on the density of the particular tree from which the harp was made.

Height at back of harp: 35 inches
Height at front of harp: 39 inches
Stand adds 5, 8, or 11½ inches
Maximum soundbox width: 11 inches
Widest part of harp (front to back): 21 inches