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The dbx 120A Subharmonic Synthesizer: Why just rock the house when you can rattle the foundation loose!For decades, the patented dbx Subharmonic Synthesis has been the secret weapon used by mobile DJs and film & sound professionals to produce amazing impact. The dbx process actually produces a new, Waveform Modeled bass note, exactly an octave below the bass in the original audio. Its two separate bands of bass synthesis provide the best combination of smoothness and control. Low Frequency Boost helps you get the most out of high-performance low frequency speaker systems. Flexible I/O includes 1/4' and RCA inputs, main outputs which can be full range (including synthesis) or high frequency only, and a separate subwoofer out with its own level control.dbx 120A Subharmonic Synthesizer FeaturesIndividual control for two ranges of subharmonic frequenciesSeparate Low Frequency Boost CircuitSeparate Subwoofer Output1/4' Balanced inputs and outputsRCA Input ConnectorsFront panel LEDs that show crossover status and synthesis activityPatented circuitry ensures that mid and high frequencies are not affectedBuilt-in crossover with choice of 80Hz or 120Hz crossover pointEnhance bass audio material for use in a veriety of professional applications such as:Nightclub and dance mixingDJ MixingTheater and Film SoundMusic RecordingLive Music PerformanceBroadcastingFlexible system interfacing is achieved by providing both 1/4' and RCA input connectors, along with main outputs which can be full range (including synthesis) or high frequency only, along with a separate subwoofer output with its own level control.The 120A's patented subharmonic synthesis process actually builds the synthesized waveform using the waveshape of the original bass material