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The advantage of the 10“/1“ system is that it is extremely compact and provides a very natural mid-range response. In combination with a very powerful bi-Amp output module, the LIVE 210 impresses through its very high instantaneous sound pressure and excellent bass response, especially considering its extremely compact dimensions and light weight. LIVE 210 is particularly well-suited for high-quality speech acoustics or background music, as well as powerful medium/high pitch systems, in combination with a subwoofer or a compact monitor.

Data Sheet Configurator Main Specs
150+50 Watts/RMS bi-amplified loudspeaker
68 - 18.000 Hz, SPL 120 dB peak
10" Low Mass Woofer
1" HF driver, 90°x60° dispersion integrated audio controller, active crossover,phase correction, Soft-Clip-Limiter
Multi-function housing, speaker stand adaptor
XLR and jack input
Mic/Line input,switchable
XLR-/Jack-Combo-Input, XLR parallel Out
Dimensions 312x550x280mm
Weight 13 kg

OPERA LIVE 210 >>>
BiAmped speaker The Opera LIVE 210 is supplied with a high efficient BiAmp amplifier, one for the low and one for the high frequencies. This setup has many advantages the use of an active crossover instead of a passive one, an integrated audio controler for phase allignment and time correction and a limiter to protect the unit against damage.
The amplifier has 150W RMS power for the low and 50W RMS to drive the high speaker, overall it has 400W progamm power to reach a maximum sound pressure of 120dB peak.

The OPERA LIVE 210 has a 10ì LowMass bass transducer and a 1î driver. Both trancducers where made by dBTechnologies to be used exclusively in OPERA LIVE series, to achieve the highest possible quality in sound and maximum reliability. The integrated horn section of the enclosure has a radiation of 908x608.

Multifunctional Enclosure
The OPERA LIVE enclosures are made of solid polypropylene synthetics, a leightweight material providing good audio attributes. Because of the special shape, the speaker can also be used as a floor monitor with an angle of 608 or 458.
For use on a speaker stand, OPERA LIVE has a 35mm adaptor on the bottom. The M10 thread on top is used for wallmount applications (optional wallmount bracket WB04).

Input section
The input is switchable between Line- and Mic level, with XLR and 6,3mm Jack connectors, a XLR out can be used to connect other speakers in parallel. The integrated DoubleWave-Limiter protects the system against overload, which is indicated by a red LED on the backside.