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The F212 is an active two-way system with considerable reach. A very efficient and powerful mid-/high-range unit, it was designed to be combined with active subwoofers to construct high-performance PA systems.

Loaded with two 12“ woofers, this assertive cabinet throws sounds across considerable distances, performing exceedingly well in the low midrange. Its excellent directivity comes courtesy of ADC (Acoustical Directivity Control) technology that also allows F212 enclosures to be clustered to achieve wider coverage.

The cabinet is driven by two bi-amped digipro® Class-D digital power amps with switched-mode power supplies offering PFC to ensure peak performance even under less-thanperfect live conditions. A custom-engineered, array-enabled 60° x 40° CD horn, coupled to a next-generation 1“ RCF neodymium compression driver, delivers assertive, high-definition response throughout the upper frequency range.

Sited on top, the high-frequency horn is at a height perfect for stacked arrays, so ground stacks do not have to be placed on platforms or other raised structures. Thanks to the integrated tilt unit, aligning F212 towards the audience is very easy.

With this combination of muscular digital power amps and neodymium magnets, the F212 is a powerful cabinet whose ability to produce exceedingly high SPL belies its surprisingly light weight.

Technical data

Speaker Type 2-Way Active Speaker

Acoustical data

Frequency Response [-10dB] 50 - 20.000 Hz Frequency Response [+/- 3dB] 65 - 19.000 Hz Max SPL 132 dB HF 1 " Type HF RCF neodymium compression driver
Titanium voice coil Voice Coil HF 1.75 " Directivity 60 x 40 ° Horn CD Horn Rotatable Horn Yes LF 2x 12 " Voice Coil LF 2.5 "


Amp Technology digipro Amp Class Class D Power PRG 1000 W HF Amp 250 W/RMS LF Amp 500 W/RMS Cooling Convection


Controller DSP 24bit/48kHz System Presets Flat, Clustered Limiter Dual Active
Peak, RMS, Thermal Crossover Frequency MF-HF 1800 Hz Slope MF-HF 24 dB/Octave

Input Section

Signal Input 1x XLR Signal Output 1x XLR Power Socket Powercon In
Powercon Out Voltage Range 240 V


Housing Multiplex Housing Design Trapezoidal Color Black Surface Texture Textured acrylic lacquer Handles 1x on top
2x side
1x bottom Pole Mount 36mm Tilt Unit Integrated, stepless Front Grille Metall, 1.5mm with acoustical foam Rigging Points 12x M10 Width 360 mm (14.4 in) Height 930 mm (37.2 in) Depth 500 mm (20 in) Weight 31.5 kg (69.45 lbs)