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Include Rocksure Performance Warranty

For only $149.90, include the
Rocksure Performance Warranty
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Casio PX-760BK – Privia Digital Piano with Stand


- Sound Technology
Unprecedented Natural Reproduction of the Rich Expressive Power and Resonance of an Acoustic Piano

Multi-dimensional Morphing AiR Sound Source
The characteristics of CASIO’s newly developed Multi-dimensional Morphing AiR* Sound Source reflect thorough attention to detail in expressing the rich, resonating tones inherent to the piano. The capacity of the installed memory has been expanded to achieve a longer sampling duration and enhanced waveform data quality. The temporal changes in tone that create sound you would expect only from a piano, beginning with the initial sound and leading into a beautiful extension until the sound eventually vanishes, are reproduced naturally.
* AiR = Acoustic and Intelligent Resonator

- Keyboard System
Natural Playing Feel Approaching That of a Grand Piano Firm Touch That Converts the Player’s Thoughts into Sound

Tri-sensor Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard II, with a grand piano's unique sounding timing
The difference between the sound structures of a grand piano and a digital piano appears as a difference in timing, from the moment the instrument is played until the sound is audible. The new Tri-sensor Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard II responds by incorporating a system with three sensors that detect touches of the keys sequentially.

Simulated ebony and ivory keys with optimal fingertip fit for playing ease
The Simulated ebony and ivory keys offers the luxurious feel and texture as well as the smooth touch of a grand piano keyboard. The minutely detailed crimp surface finish inhibits finger slippage due to sweat and gives the sensation of a perfect fingertip fit, even when playing for extended periods.

- An unprecedented evolution of the digital piano
Damper Resonance achieving a more naturally beautiful resonance than a pedal
The deep, beautiful resonance resulting from the use of a damper pedal is also reproduced naturally by a stereo resonance simulator installed on all 88 keys, an approach that differs from conventional simulated reproduction employing effect processing. The attention to detail goes so far as to simulate the resonance created by the lifting of the dampers themselves when the pedal is pressed. A continuously variable system has been adopted for the damper pedal, moreover, reproducing even the subtle changes in reverberation that occur in response to the delicate pressure exerted by partial pedal operation. This enables players to employ pedal operation to achieve gracefully expressive performances.

Concert Play
High-quality audio data recordings of 10 live orchestra performances are installed. Pianists can play along with the recordings and enjoy the feeling of participating in a magnificent performance. Musical scores of the concerts are bundled.

- Versatile features
- 18 high-quality tones including stereo-sampled grand piano tones
- Digital effects: reverb (4 types), chorus (4 types), brilliance, DSP (preset for some tones)
- Lesson feature using 60 Music Library songs plus 10 user loaded songs
- Two GRAND PIANO buttons and an ELEC PIANO button for instant access
- Recorder: 2 tracks x 1 song, approximately 5,000 notes
- USB flash drive port


- Keyboard: 88-key, Tri-sensor Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard II, Simulated ebony and ivory keys
- Touch Response: 3 sensitivity levels, Off
- Sound Source: Multi-dimensional Morphing AiR
- Maximum Polyphony: 128
- Tones: 18 built-in tones: Grand Piano (Concert, Modern, Classic, Mellow, Bright), Elec Piano1, Elec Piano2, FM E. Piano, 60's E. Piano, Harpsichord, Vibraphone, Strings 1, Strings 2, Pipe Organ, Jazz Organ, Elec Organ 1, Elec Organ 2, Bass (LOWER)
- Layer/Split: Layer(Excluding bass tones), Split(Low-range bass tones only)
- Digital Effects: Reverb (4 types), chorus (4 types), brilliance(-3 to 0 to 3), DSP (Preset for some tones)
- Built-in Songs: 10 (Concert Play), 60 (Music Library) songs
- Song Expansion: 10 songs (max.) Up to approximately 90 KB/song
- Lesson Function: Part on/off (Lesson part: right hand/left hand)
- Metronome: Beats: 0 to 9 (Tempo range: quarter note = 20 to 255)
- Recorder: 2 tracks x 1 song, approximately 5,000 notes maximum, real-time recording/playback
- Other Functions:
     - Grand piano button x 2 (Concert, Modern), ELEC PIANO button
     - Duet function
     - Slide-type keyboard cover
     - Auto Power Off: Off after approx. 4 idle hours (default setting)
     - Octave shift: ±2 octaves
- Key Transpose: 2 octaves (-12 semitones - 0 - +12 semitones)
- Tuning Control: A4 = 415.5 Hz - 440.0 Hz - 465.9 Hz
- Pedals: 3 pedals (damper, soft, sostenuto)
- MIDI: This product is not equipped with MIDI terminals. MIDI communication between the product and a computer is performed using the USB port.
- Speakers: 12cm x 2
- Amp Output: 8W + 8W
- Input/Output Terminals:
     - Headphones (standard stereo jack) x 2
     - USB: type B
     - External power (12V DC)
     * USB cable (A-B type) required to use USB terminal for computer connection.
- Power Requirements: AC adaptor: AD-A12150LW
- Dimensions (W x D x H): 1,357 x 299 x 833mm (w/o music stand, corner brackets)
- Weight: 31.5kg (w/o music stand)
- Body Colour/Finish: PX-760BK: Black wood tone finish
- Included Accessories: AC adaptor (AD-A12150LW), score book, music stand