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The ARTISAN 15 – beautiful looks and beautiful tone. Two channels, one based on an EF86 Pentode and the other an ECC83 Triode, touch base on a multitude of legendary vintage and boutique reference tones. The EL84 based power section is switchable between 5W singleended Class A and a more dynamic push-pull 15W Class A configuration, for the ultimate in low power valve amplifier flexibility.

- Class A 15W combo
- Switch for 5W single-ended / 15W push-pull operation
- 2 x EL84 output valves
- EF86 channel
- ECC83 channel
- Hi and Lo inputs perfect for channel blending
- Impedance selector
- Vintage 30 Celestion speaker

The Artisan 15 draws on the influence of the two most revered low wattage guitar combos in guitar amplifier history. In keeping with its classic design, this amplifier is deceptively simple in operation and yet highly flexible in functionality and tone. The Artisan Series of handwired amplifiers represents the absolute highest standard of craftsmanship and boutique tone. With the emphasis on simplicity and sonic purity, every feature has been refined to provide the artist with the widest range of reference vintage tones. This is achieved by the design of electronic circuitry that works in harmony with the finest components and materials available. The Artisan 15 is built to last a lifetime and effortlessly combines vintage style and rugged, road tested reliability. The point-to-point tag board construction, welded steel chassis and finger-jointed birch-ply cabinet are complemented by beautiful vintage red Tolex and etched aluminium panels.

Power Amplifier - The Artisan 15 power amplifier uses two EL84 power pentode valves in Class A and operates in two modes, namely push-pull (15W) or single ended (5W), depending on the setting of the Power Amplifier Mode control. In push-pull mode the power amplifier takes on the characteristics of a low wattage vintage British combo. The single ended mode allows the generation of the critical power amplifier harmonic distortion at a much lower volume, in the same way as the early American low wattage amplifiers. In either mode the Artisan 15 is an exceptional home or studio amplifier. The power amplifier is further enhanced by using a cathode coupled phase splitter to provide outstanding balance in the power amplifier drive and hence superb dynamic response. Further to this the EL84s used are graded in terms of quiescent operating point and transconductance giving excellent hum performance and dynamic feel. In keeping with the vintage sonic signature of the Artisan 15, the use of an EZ81 valve rectifier adds compression to the power amplifier response and is critical in generating its feel and responsiveness. With an amplifier that is built to last, reliability of the electronics circuitry is essential and therefore all the other power amplifier and power supply components are also over-specified for the best possible reliability.

Channel 1 – The ECC83 Channel Hi/Lo inputs provide perfect matching either directly to the guitar (high sensitivity) or for connection to higher output effects pedals (low sensitivity). This channel has an exquisite British vintage feel. Its gain is derived from an ECC83 dual triode valve and Channel 1’s sonic signature relies on the ECC83’s characteristics in terms of gain, compression and distortion. The Tone control is passive and its response deliberately relies on the setting of the Channel 1 Volume control to allow the most versatile sonic palette.

Channel 2 – The EF86 Channel Hi/Lo inputs provide perfect matching either directly to the guitar (high sensitivity) or for connection to higher output effects pedals (low sensitivity). This channel is based on the EF86 preamplifier pentode valve. Originally, this valve was most commonly used in high-end audio applications due to its high gain, low noise characteristics. However, in very early American guitar amplifier designs a pentode was used in the preamplifier circuit. The use of a pentode in these early designs provided unique gain and compression characteristics which make these amplifiers so revered for studio use today. In keeping with the reference American designs, the extra gain of the EF86 of the Artisan 15 allows the power amplifier to be driven harder for more compression and rich harmonic distortion. The EF86 also adds its own particular compression and distortion flavour to this channel making Channel 2 a dream to record with.

NB - Please bite that this is a vintage 30 speaker model


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