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High-Performance Passive DI-Box

- Professional and multi-purpose direct injection box for stage and studio applications

- Provides impedance and signal matching for the direct connection of instruments to mixers and amplifiers

- Ultra-flat frequency response due to renowned BEHRINGER OT-2 transformer

- Allows direct connection to speaker outputs with up to 3,000 Watts

- Ground Lift switch eliminates typical ground loop problems

- Filter switch reduces annoying hiss and buzz

- Thru/Out jack lets you send the unbalanced signal to an onstage amplifier while the balanced signal is routed to the mixer

- ¼“ TRS and gold-plated XLR connectors

- Ultra-rugged, road-suitable metal case

- High-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long life and durability

- Conceived and designed by BEHRINGER Germany

The ULTRA-DI DI600P is a passive DI (Direct Injection) box for connecting a guitar, bass or keyboard directly to your mixer. With the DI600P as your go-between, impedance-matching problems become a thing of the past, and long cable runs will not sacrifice all of your precious tone.

Directly to the Point

With its parallel 1/4" In and Out jacks, the DI600P allows you to plug in your instrument and send the same signal to your onstage amplifier, while the XLR Output sends a balanced signal to your mixer. A ground lift switch eliminates hum associated with ground loops and our high-performance transformer provides the ultimate in signal integrity.

Special Feature

Just flip the Inst/Amp switch and the DI600P can easily accommodate either the low-level signal of a high-impedance mic or guitar (Inst mode), or the speaker output of a guitar amplifier (Amp mode). Even if your amp cranks out as much as 3,000 Watts, you get a perfect signal every time!

Great Sound, Exceptional Value

The ULTRA-DI DI600P is also ultra-compact, and we house it in a tough, road-ready metal case. This means the DI box will give you great sound gig after gig, session after session. And thanks to its low price, you can afford to outfit the entire band. See for yourself at your nearest BEHRINGER dealer.