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Whether you want to smooth, improve, shape, warm up, beef up, dirty up, or do other creative things with your mixes, getting the plug-ins you need is now easier and more affordable than ever. Expand your arsenal of professional Avid plug-ins and save with three lower-cost tiers (except virtual instruments).

-Tier 1
-High-value plug-ins

Pro Compressor

Shape sounds, enhance tracks, and breathe life into mixes with this stunning high-quality compressor that features “SMART” technology. Based on the Avid Channel Strip plug-in, which emulates the coveted dynamics characteristics of the renowned Avid System 5 console, the Pro Compressor AAX plug-in goes even further, enabling you to optimize the compression for mono and multichannel material, quickly and easily.

Pro Expander
Give your mix more energy while eliminating noise with this unique high-quality expander—a sibling to the Pro Compressor—featuring “SMART” technology. Based on the Avid Channel Strip plug-in, which emulates the coveted dynamics characteristics of the renowned Avid System 5 console, the Pro Expander AAX plug-in goes even further, enabling you to expand, gate, and duck signals with the utmost precision, quickly and easily.

Reel Tape Saturation
Avid brings the unmistakable warmth and punch of analog tape color, compression, and saturation effects into the digital domain with Reel Tape Saturation, a powerful plug-in designed to beef up your mixes and add that elusive magnetic vibe to your live sound, without the hassle of actually owning and operating a reel-to-reel tape machine. Whether you’re a professional audio mixer, musician, or live sound engineer, Reel Tape Saturation brings the vintage sound of analog tape to digital audio while providing all the advantages of today’s state-of-the-art digital effects processors.

Tel-Ray Variable Delay
 In the early 1960s, technicians at a small company experimented with electronics and technology. When they came up with something great, they would tell Ray (the boss).

One invention involved a tuna can, a motor, and a few tablespoons of cancer-causing oil. The creation: an "Electronic Memory Unit"—a technology, they were sure, that would be of great interest to companies like IBM and NASA.

Though it never made it to the moon, the killer technology that gives Tel-Ray its unique sound was licensed by most every major guitar amp manufacturer. And it sounds great on other sounds too. 

Add an echo to any voice or instrument using the Tel-Ray Variable Delay. It provides lush delay, amazing echo, and warms up your tracks and mixes.
Voce Bundle
Add classic Voce effects to your tracks that sound great on any instrument. 

Voce Spin provides the most accurate simulation of the well-loved rotating speaker. The plug-in features 15 classic recording setups with horn resonance, speaker crossover, varying microphone placement and ven the "Memphis" sound with the lower drum's slow motor unplugged. Customize exactly the sound you want with more than a dozen fully automatable parameters. 

Voce Chorus/Vibrato re-creates the B-3 organ's mechanical scanner vibrato. You get three settings of chorus and three settings of vibrato on one cool knob. Fun and easy to use, this classic effect has been used for over 60 years. Talk about vintage!