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Webb Group Insurance: Valuations and Fulfilment

Webb Group Insurance is a specialised Division within Webb Group (Rockshop and KBB Music) that offers professional and specialist level support and service for our insurance partners in claims, advisory and fulfilment around musical instruments and equipment. WGI provides professional services and advice to all insurers in NZ, meeting their rigorous service levels and requirements for validation. Branches do not handle insurance enquiries unless specifically instructed to by Webb Group Insurance (WGI).

Our partners include: IAG, AMI, State, NZI, Aon, Lumley, Lantern, NAC; insurance for ASB, BNZ, Westpac and Co-Op Bank. FMG, MAS, AA, Vero, Tower, Youi, Sedgwick (formerly Cunningham Lindsey), Crombie Lockwood and virtually every other broker firm in NZ. 

How can we help you? …. Our Valuation & Musical Asset Assessment Service

Clients can request validated information for insurance claims, tax purposes, or to establish a valuation for Insurance coverage. The Webb Group Insurance team has a numbers of options including: replacement quotes; indemnity quotes; PDV (present day value) and collectible value.

WGI has an extensive database of resources, references and specialised staff to ensure accurate information.

Valuations will be in writing (sent as a PDF) and archived on a clients profile as a reference.

What does it cost?

  • There is minimum charge of $25incl GST for up to 3 items;
  • Thereafter an hourly rate of $90+ GST (subject to minimum) for 4 or more items or complex authentications where more research may be required;
  • On site visits arranged but will be costed on a case by case basis

Information & Pricing

This may come from a number of sources; WGI will work with you to coordinate and gather photos, certificates, model and brand information etc to provide evidence to authenticate the valuation.

Information as supplied by client
     - includes proof of purchase; and / or
     - proof of ownership (eg photos)
2 Physical inspection by a Rockshop Employee
3 Current product pricing and availability
4 Historical pricing, input from product specialists within Webb Group
5 Specialist Reference websites / global product databases

Request a Valuation

Click the button below to open our Contact Us page, select "Insurance Quotations / Valuations / Protecsure" from the drop down menu and complete the form.

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