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Pay with PartPay

We are excited to announce PartPay is now available in-stores in addition to online. It is available on all products in store.

How It Works

We’ve worked hard to make PartPay quick, simple, transparent and fair to allow you to get what you need now but pay it in parts. Four 25% fortnightly parts to be precise.

1. Shop online

Select PartPay as your payment method at checkout when you are ready to pay.

2. Log in or create an account

If you are a not an existing PartPay customer. There’s no paperwork and our ID and credit check is complete in minutes. You’ll need a valid NZ debit or credit card and NZ Driver Licence. Don't have a Driver Licence?

3. Pay 25% up-front

And your goods are shipped straight away. Nice.

4. Pay 25% for the next 3 fortnights

via an automated charge on your debit or credit card. You pay no fees or interest ever unless you miss a payment - read here what happens then.


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Need Some Help?

How does PartPay work?
It's easy. You shop online as you usually would then select PartPay at checkout (after you’ve entered your delivery details). The first time you use PartPay, they’ll need some details from you (just name, date of birth, address and driver licence number) so they can do a quick automatic identification and credit assessment. The PartPay system does this instantaneously and if it's all approved, you agree the instalment plan and they take the first instalment.

Do you really mean no interest and no fees?

Yes, but if you miss an instalment PartPay do charge a default fee. The default fee is $8 and a further $8 for every week the payment is outstanding.

Can I make an early repayment?

Sure. Just log on to your PartPay customer account and follow the instructions. If you have any trouble, please email PartPay at

What limit can I buy up to?
PartPay is available on all orders between $50 - $1500. The PartPay platform will assess total credit limit based on many factors for an individual and inputs from third party data sources. The individual limit does also increase over time assuming all instalments are paid on time; the maximum credit limit is $1500.

If you don’t get quite the limit you were hoping for, you can use PartPay’s Variable First Payment option: make a higher first payment (top up with cash, eftpos, debit or credit card) and use the limit for the balance.

How do the default fees work?
If PartPay can't take an instalment payment, then the next day an $8 default fee is added to your account. PartPay also apply a further $8 for every week the instalment is unpaid.

Will PartPay remind me about my instalments?

Yes, PartPay will email you the day before they take the instalment payment, but it is still down to you to ensure there are sufficient funds to take each instalment payment.

Sorry I was late for one of my instalment payments, how do I fix it?

No problem. Please log on to your PartPay account via their website and follow the instructions to make a payment. If you are having any trouble please email PartPay at

Why can't I see any refund in my bank account yet?

This can take a little time depending on the different banks. If it's been over 5 working days since you received email confirmation of the refund then please email us on

How do I update my details?

Please log on to your account via the PartPay website and follow the instructions. Click here to Login to your PartPay Customer Account.

Our Frequently Asked Questions section should be able to help with any questions around your PartPay account or joining PartPay.

Check out the Part Pay website here>