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Southern Institute of Technology

Looking for a career in the music industry? Complete a double degree in just four years with SIT!

Established in 1972, the Southern Institute of Technology (SIT) has a proud history of education and training across a wide range of subjects within a variety of levels, including post graduate study.

Offering a selection of music and audio production programmes from certificate to graduate diploma level, SIT offers a variety of state of the art recording and performance spaces and industry standard equipment. They are also the only institute where students are able to experience 12 weeks of study at SAE’s Byron Bay campus in Australia as part of their Bachelor of Audio Production programme.

Enjoy small, friendly classes with one-on-one lessons in your instrument of choice and a mix of practical performance and music theory, all in the surrounds of up-to-the-minute performing and recording facilities. Tutors are passionate about their programmes and bring with them a host of experiences from their chosen field.

The best thing is, that students may be eligible to study under the Zero Fees Scheme. This scheme provides an opportunity to obtain a quality education without a large student loan. SIT will cover your tuition fees and all you pay are the direct material costs for your chosen course. There is no need to spend years paying off student debt. In fact many of SIT’s music savvy graduates start their careers completely debt free!

Visit for more information on our music and audio production courses today.

Music/Audio Production courses at SIT

Graduate Diploma in Contemporary Music
Graduate Diploma in Audio Production
•Graduate Certificate in Contemporary Music
•Graduate Certificate in Audio Production
•Bachelor of Contemporary Music
•Bachelor of Audio Production
•Certificate in Audio Production
•Certificate in Music and Sound Engineering (Pre Entry)