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Patrick Kuhtze

We Support Patrick Kuhtze

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Patrick Kuhtze

Patrick Kuhtze began playing the drums in 1974, and is still one of the busiest Drummers to this day. He is one of New Zealand’s well-known drummers and an accomplished drum clinician. 

Pat has worked all over the world, touring, recording, jamming or co-writing music with many local and international artists. Pat has backed artists such as Mark Hunter (Dragon), Jordan Luck, Peter Urlich, Ray Columbus, Anika Moa, Hollie Smith, Glenn Shorrock (Little River Band), Jordanaires (Elvis Presley) and Jerry Harrison (Talking Heads) to name only a few. He also worked as Billy T. James full time drummer for the last two years of Billy’s life. He has played in the backing band behind many television music shows, such as Stars in their Eyes, NZ Idol, NZ got Talent, Dancing with the Stars, X Factor and many more. Pat is currently co-writing with Eddie Rayner (Split Enz). 

Pat is also an accomplished drum clinician, having performed with drummers such as Dennis Chambers during clinics. 

Pat also has a company called Fridge Music Co Ltd, better known as Kuhtze Band, which deals in 

putting together his Band for overseas events and functions. 

Pat has endorsements from a number of the largest drum companies in the world, including Shure, QSC, SONOR, Roland, Zildjian Cymbal Co, Evans Drumheads, and NZ Rockshop. 


Sonor Prolite 8Pce Kit, Hardware 600 Series, Zildjian Cymbals To Match, Roland SPDSX, Sonor Giant Step Dbl Pedal

Sonor Select Force 6Pce Kit, Hardware 400 Series, Zildjian Cymbals To Match, Roland SPD30, Sonor Jojo Pedal

Sonor Bop 4Pce Kit, Hardwrae 400 Series, Zildjian Cymbals To Match, Roland Handsonic, Sonor Jojo Pedal

Roland TD30 6Pce Kit, Sonor Jojo Pedal 

Shure Drum Mics All Round:  Ksm32, Beta 91A, Beta 52A, Beta 57A, Beta 181, Beta 98A, Beta 58A, Inears PSM 900, Headphones SRH 1540.

QSC Monitors:  KSUB, K12, QSC Touchmix 16 Digital Desk.