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Stolen Gear

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Acoustic Guitar (#272)

Acoustic guitar. A "Brook" Parlour, called a Clyst. Made in Hittesbrooke, Near Exeter in Devon, UK.
Bought in 2008 at a cost of 2,200 POUNDS (Around $5000) Label clearly shows luthier.
This is a handmade guitar, small with a spruce top and quilted maple sides and bottom..VERY PRETTY.
It is fitted with a FISHMAN MATRIX pick up. Guitar is in mint condition,
has been well loved.
Check Brook Guitars web site...they make beautiful and collectable guitars.

This is one of 4 that was stolen.

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Added: 24 December 2018

Brand Brook Guitars
Model Clyst parlour
Colour Spruce top, quilted burr maple back and sides
Serial Number ?
Date Stolen 18 December 2018
Location Auckland
Police File Number 181224/1732
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