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Stolen Gear

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Fender Squier Electric & P Bass, Korg, Mixers & Amps (#257)

Fender Squier Anniversary model Black (damage on bottom of body from being dropped), Fender Squier P Bass Special edition Black (sticker on back), Korg AX30G (no power supply), Phonic 4 Chan mixer (no power supply), Behringer Eurorack UB1002FX (no power supply), Fender Bass Practise amp & Ross RG10 practise amp. May show up in or around Papakura. Stolen from Ngatea. If you see these items please call the Police.

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Added: 20 March 2018

Brand Fender, Korg, Phonic, Behringer & Ross
Model Squier, AX30G, UB1002FX & RG10
Colour Black
Serial Number
Date Stolen 14 March 2018
Location Other
Police File Number 180314/5988
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