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Stolen Gear

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Stolen from lock up on White Street Rotorua! Took my whole PA! Please keep an eye out, all speakers have Mix Media Events tag and test labels on them and are in very good condition!

The "lovely" people took;

2 x JBL PRX718-XLFs inc bags
2 x JBL PRX725s inc bags
2 x JBL PRX625s inc bags
2 x JBL EON612s in original boxes
1 x Soundcraft EPM6 Mixer in plastic foamed hardcase

We have all the serial numbers and all have Mix Media Events tag and test stickers on the back, Please do keep an eye and ear out - that would be fantastic! Thank you everyone!

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Added: 5 August 2016

Brand JBL
Model PRX718-XLF
Colour Black
Serial Number p1322-06125 p1322-06126 p1316-02738 p1316-02737 p1089-14700 p1089-14072 p1393-00192 p1393-00179 298656
Date Stolen 1 August 2016
Location Rotorua
Police File Number 160805-3064
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