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Stolen Gear

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Antoria Acoustic Guitar (#124)

On the 22nd i had a smash and grab from my car parked down Killarney Rd in Dinsdale and my acoustic got stolen alongside my wallet.

This belonged to my mum when she was about 15 making it around 33 years old. Rather good condition, a few nicks here and there and the neck is warped making a distinct rattle on the 13th fret making it impossible to play a note in tune.

Im doing what i can to find it as its a very special guitar to me and right now i after having to pay to repair for the window they broke i certainly dont have money to buy another.

Had to upload photos to photobucket as rockshop method wasnt working

Cheers guys

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Added: 24 May 2013

Brand Antoria
Model D-320
Colour Varnished
Serial Number 00994
Date Stolen 22 May 2013
Location Hamilton
Police File Number 130522/3429
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