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Stolen Gear

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Takamine 12 string Acoustic/Electric Cutaway (#119)

Stolen in a b urglary at a residential address in Crofton Downs along with a Yanagisawa Saxophone, Yamaha FJ661 Acoustic, Yamaha RBX 550 Electric Bass (all listed here).

I am not 100 % sure of the model (this was a friends guitar that was on loan to me) is a "blond colour" with paua shell type engraving . Very similar to this

The case for this guitar was unusual - is a "Gator" hard shell very wide case not a Takamine case

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Added: 20 April 2013

Brand Takamine
Model EG523SC-12 (similar)
Colour Blond
Serial Number Unknown
Date Stolen 16 April 2013
Location Wellington
Police File Number 130416/8851
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