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Epiphone Emperor Regent archtop (#83)

EPIPHONE Emperor Regent archtop jazz guitar (sunburst colour) -
This guitar was imported from the USA, I haven't seen another one in New Zealand so hopefully it will be easy to spot. Firstly it has a big lovely floral pattern on the headstock. My one has a slightly warped pickguard from heat, some of the wax from the pickups made its way to the edges of where the fretboard meets the body. There are some small cracks in the lacquer around the input jack, which isn't the standard input jack, it is a new larger silver one fitted by Peter Stephen. The volume and tone pots are wired opposite to standard (volume is on top instead of bottom). Frequensator tailpiece which is an absolute pain in the ass to restring but is pretty unique to these kinds of Epiphone archtops...

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Added: 2 July 2012

Brand Epiphone
Model Emperor Regent
Colour Sunburst
Serial Number
Date Stolen 26 June 2012
Police File Number 120621/8800
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