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Electric - Epiphone Les Paul Special II (#75)

This guitar was stolen from my house in the Pine Hill area Dunedin, mid morning on the 5th June 2012, along with a small amp (not sure of brand, a 3-4 meter(??) clear/purple coloured guitar lead, my cherished Walden D1030 acoustic and half a box of Heineken from the fridge. Uniquely identifiable by a single large (hand size??) sticker on the back of the guitar. Think it was round... not sure of colour or picture but even if removed I'm sure it's existence will be clear from the faded white around it. Any information/leads would be very much appreciated.

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Added: 6 June 2012

Brand Epiphone
Model Les Paul Special II
Colour White
Serial Number ???
Date Stolen 5 June 2012
Location Dunedin
Police File Number P010894878
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