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Stolen Gear

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Stolen Drumkit (#47)


Just stolen from a dark green 1996-2002 model Toyota Hilux Surf parked in the Wellington Radio New Zealand carpark building, night of 27/28 Jan 2012..

Sonor Force 3005 Jungle kit (lacquered Red maple)
16" kick (with pressed steel hoops)
14"x12" floor tom
Uniqueness.. the drum fittings are a little bit rusted/pitted. Hoops
and lugs. It will be missing the 10" tom. (I still have it)

Sonor S-Classix birch snare 14"x5" Wallnut roots finish.
Uniqueness.. customized with black Pearl Mastercast Hoops.

Sabian Signature Jack DeJohnette Encore cymbals
20" ride (some green oxidization under the bottom edge)
18" crash
17" crash
16" crash
14" hihats
13" crash
10" splash
Uniqueness.. Out of print series. 14" Hi hats have black gaffers tape
inside the bell under the top hihat. If it is removed, they will sound
a distinctive bell-like overtone.

Sonor hardware
2x mini boom stands
1x single tom mount (may be a little pitted also)
3x floortom legs
1x old single braced unbranded Tama boom stand
1x Pearl snare stand
1x Pearl P2002C kick drum pedal
Uniqueness.. Pedal is one side of a double kick, the double side
(primary). I still have the slave and the connecting rod.
It was in a Pearl single pedal case (not a case it would normally come with)
with a little bit of bung teeth area near the base of the zip..

SKB Hardware cases
Uniqueness.. White electrical tape on sides of handles. The 18" has green tape under the white tape.

Protection Racket soft bags
14"x5" snare (Endorsee)
12" hardware bag (broken reinforcement strip near bottom left wheel, I have the broken piece of plastic, will fit like Cinderella's shoe)
24" cymbal backpack. (It will be missing the factory fluffy dividers, as I had removed them)

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Added: 28 January 2012

Brand various
Model various
Colour various
Serial Number various
Date Stolen 27 January 2012
Location Wellington
Police File Number 120128/4769
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