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Stolen Gear

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Martin 0021 (1955) (#43)

On Friday, mid day, Dec 30th my old 0021Martin guitar was stolen from a house in Wellington. I bought it under the guidance of Ry Cooder in 1964 while I was one of his students. It is a very precious guitar to me, for many reasons - it is iconic.

The serial number on the Martin is 144442. It was made in 1955. It has a slotted head, 12 fret, honey coloured spruce top and Brazilain hardwood back . The black hard case has stickers on saying "Arcata Music' "Wildwood music' "Wild women sing the blues'. The guitar has a black Martin shoulder strap.

The thieves also took my 1957 Duo Jet Grestch (black and white electric with a Bigsby ‘whammy’ bar)
Both are in black guitar cases. See photos below.
on the Grestch a red velvet strap a black heavy duty case with the name Gretsch on the bottom front.

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Added: 3 January 2012

Brand Martin
Model 0021
Colour acoustic honey spruce, dark Brazilian back
Serial Number 144442
Date Stolen 30 December 2011
Location Wellington
Police File Number 111230/7519
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