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Rockshop Second Chance

News Rockshop Second Chance 2019

  • 2019 06 Rockshop Second Chance news

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Rockshop Second Chance 2019



Part of the magic of live performance is that you can never predict exactly what will happen. You can prepare but sometimes, things still don’t go your way – strings break, leads fall out, bass players fall off stages, drummers lose their sticks or break limbs the day before, keyboards mysteriously slip into transpose mode, and singers lose their voices, can’t hear themselves or just have a bad night.

If things on the night don’t go your way for some reason, and you meet the following conditions that demonstrate your band is already doing the things that lead to success, then you can get a SECOND CHANCE – we’re not promising you a spot in the National Final, but we will listen to you again and compare you with the other National Final contenders.

You qualify for a Rockshop SECOND CHANCE, if;


1. -you been selected to perform at a Smokefreerockquest 2019 Regional Final, AND -you have performed at least five gigs in the last 12 months.


2. -you, or at least 50% of your band, have been awarded 1st, 2nd, or 3rd at a previous SFRQ final.


3. -you are directed to submit by the Event organisers, due to exceptional circumstances.


If you qualify for a Rockshop SECOND CHANCE, you have the option of completing the following task and then being considered for the National Final. In addition to the task, you will need to provide evidence that you qualify eg. details of the gigs, or previous regional placing. 

If you are wanting to apply for Rockshop SECOND CHANCE email Smokefreerockquest at help@smokefreerockquest.co.nz