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  • 2017 12 Guitar Pack Builder 4

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Guitar Packages

Rockshop Guitar Pack Builder

Available in-store

By far the most original and easiest way to get the Electric Guitar Package of your dreams. 

Choose your own Package starting from $399 by selecting the guitar YOU want, and the amp YOU want – all with matching accessory packs to complete the setup - with a bounty of flexible options to suit every player. If it's not quite the right mix ‘n’ match to your taste – then we can work out a pack that’s perfect for you. 

Check out the examples below - then head in store to see the full ‘combo menu’ (as we like to call it),
Your personalised player pack is waiting!

Guitar Packs

2017 12 05 Guitar Pack Web 791x410 guitar

Bass Packs

2017 12 05 Guitar Pack Web 791x410 bass

 A Closer Look at the Amplifier Options

2017 12 05 Amps 789x280 v3 guitar

2017 12 05 Amps 789x280 v3 bass

Want to find out more? - follow the links below to the product pages.


ARIA STG STV ST-Style $249
ESP LTD Series EC10, M10, F10 & Viper10 $399
Epiphone Les Paul Special II $399


Blackstar LT Echo 10 10 watts $159
Line 6 Spider 15 Classic 15 watts $229
Marshall Code 25 25 watts $349


Aria Pro II P-Style Bass Guitar $369
Aria Pro II J-Style Bass Guitar $399
Washburn T12 Bass Guitar $399


Warwick BC10 10 watts $189
Ampeg BA108V2 20 watts $229
Warwick BC40 40 watts $299


More Guitar Packs

We also have a huge range of guitar packages available in-store and online

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* Prices are subject to change at any time
* All prices and savings are based on each products normal retail price