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Affordable $30 an hour, recording for Indie Musicians in Auckland New Zealand.
Aimed specifically for the indie artist in mind. We are musicians helping other musicians, our recording gear is top quality.

Working on a bigger project? We also do $100 per four hour session.

We are able to record full studio recordings, a full band can be recorded in the studio, or acoustic instruments. We can help with writing, producing, tracking, recording, mixing and mastering.

We have top quality including brands such as Avalon, Universal Audio, Focusrite, Vanguard Audio Labs, AKG, Rode, Shure, Korg, Roland, Avid, Cubase, Joemeek, Casio, Native Instruments, Waves, Fender, Marshall, Yamaha, Vox, Gibson, Maton, Ludwig, Akai, Numark, and more.

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Author Ralph Engle
Location Auckland
Type Available
Category Recording Studios
Expires 9th May 2018

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