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Singer looking for musicians (#6173)

Hi there!

I am a singer and moved in Dunedin a few months ago. I am looking for a band to sing with. I have been travelling for 5 years and never been able to be part of a band. Now that I am stable in Dunedin I would love to be able to sing and perform in places. I am into rock music like Linkin Park, Evanescence, Radiohead, Nirvana...

Here you can here a bit of my voice (unfortunately I don't have recordings with me singing a rock song. This is one of my songs).

Let me know if you have any project or want to have fun playing music!!!



Author Sandrine MEY
Location Dunedin
Type Available
Category Musicians - Bands
Expires 9th February 2018

Views: 147 Added: 11th November 2017

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