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Hi There,

Experienced bass player with good gear. In my 50s and have played and love music from most genres.

Been working on and off in covers and originals bands in Sydney and Christchurch and up here in Auckland.. I know a lot of songs, have a good ear and am a quick study. Sing BV and do a few songs myself

I am a solid member of the rhythm section. I do some slap when getting funky. Like an adventurous drummer but strive to be tight with the kick. I also love feel and dynamics and like a bit of space and openness in the music. I enjoy improvising and jamming especially with good players. Keen to do originals or a different take on a cover... I also play some acoustic and electric guitar..

Influences are many and varied. I like a bit of Blues, Latin, Funk, Jazz, Reggae, Country, Pop, Soul, Rock and the list goes on…

Here are a few soundcloud links. Apologies for dodgy live recordings..

You will find a few other tracks there too...

Give me a call or email for a chat or a play..



Author Paul Fisher
Location Auckland
Type Available
Category Musicians - Bass Players
Expires 31st January 2018

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