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GUITAR LESSONS - It’s Never Too Late To Learn to Play Guitar! (#5709)

Lessons at Auckland Guitar School are different. We offer you a unique learning experience and use innovative teaching methods to help you reach your goals faster.

When you first come to the School, we’ll take the time to discuss your goals and playing background, what you’d like to be able to do and what you need to do to get there. From there on, we’ll put together a plan to take you from your current level to where you want to be, with lessons tailored to your personal needs. We’ll review your progress regularly and make adjustments where necessary.

“Prior to meeting Dylan, my guitar playing knowledge was almost non-existent. He very quickly understood what it was that I wanted to achieve (even though I wasn’t exactly sure). Together we have developed a plan that has started with building a solid foundation of skills and this has meant that I have progressed quickly to a stage of having the confidence and ability to play with friends, some of whom are very good players.” (Michael Page)

You’ll learn in a supportive environment, and discover that the things you’re finding difficult are often just the same things that everyone else has trouble with. In fact, if you’ve been playing for a while, many of the things you’ve probably been struggling with are really quite simple to fix. We spend every day showing students the secrets to practising, changing chords, playing faster, how music works etc.

“I started taking lessons with Dylan after 12 years of self-guided noodling, an approach which had only helped me acquire a relatively moderate level of skill on the guitar, a few songs in my repertoire, and a very limited ability to improvise and interact musically with others. I was frustrated with my (lack of) progress and needed guidance on how to break the rut. So far, Dylan has made a tremendous impact. He has encouraged me to think about all the components of music while I’m playing: He’s done all this with friendliness and a genuine desire to help me improve. My motivation is back, and I’m enjoying playing again.” (Darrell Oosterbeek)

What you’ll get at Auckland Guitar School
• Supportive, trained guitar teachers who are committed to helping you achieve your guitar goals
• A consistent, well-structured curriculum that’s proven to work and is geared towards helping you play guitar the way you want to
• Professionally presented, accurate and easy to understand lesson materials (not just printed off the internet!) so you can learn everything the right way first time and make faster progress
• Clear practising advice and a system that will help you know exactly what to practise
• Common sense explanations of aspects of music which confound every self-taught player
• Additional and fun opportunities to help you apply what you’re learning and have fun

Visit to find out more and book your FREE evaluation session. Get started today!

Author Dylan Kay
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Expires 25th October 2017

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