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Hi, I've just moved back home to Christchurch and am on the hunt for a talented vocalist, as well as a producer/multi-instrumentalist - Are you NZ's next biggest export?

I'm a bass player by trade, have a basic recording setup and listen to anything from pop, rock, EDM, D&B, funk; so musically I'm open to working on whatever works. It should be upbeat, melodic and catchy af :)

Plan is to produce a number of singles before taking over the world (baby steps.)

I have previous industry experience based in Auckland but cannot sing to save myself, so am looking for an awesome vocalist and someone to help produce the music. Drop me a line on 021 041 5890 - Nick.

Author Nick G
Location Christchurch
Type Wanted
Category Musicians - Vocalists
Expires 23rd July 2017

Views: 123 Added: 24th April 2017

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