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Hi my name is Paule, I have developed a unique vocal coaching system called Rapid Vocal Results.

About me:
I teach all styles of singing. I've worked with a number of NZ Idol and 2015 X Factor finalists, etc. I have 20 years combined vocal coaching and live performance experience as a singer.

I teach face to face at my west, Auckland studio or via Skype Nationally and Internationally.

My clients:
Have won NZ on air recording grants etc.
Secured artist development deals with international recording companies.
Played support for International touring bands etc.
Toured internationally.
Received mainstream airplay on radio and tv etc.

I have a no "BS" coaching style, this means i tell you exactly how it is, there are lots of myths and misconceptions out there about how the voice operates.

I will demonstrate to you in a very easy to understand style, exactly what you need to do improve your vocal production. I will provide you with a professional singers tool kit and teach you all the skills you need to know, to safely develop your true performer voice.

I specialize in teaching how to sing, pop, rock, blues, country, rnb and heavy metal styles, these types of vocal styles, require increased vocal strength and require advanced levels of diaphragmatic support and vocal flexibility.

I can teach you to sing in any style or genre of music.

Its very important especially for POP,Rock, Metal, singers etc to learn the basics of how to sing and scream safely, because other wise due to the demanding nature of those particular music genres, singers can end up straining and damaging there vocal cords and eventually lose there singing voices altogether.

Essentially I teach singers how to safely: extend their vocal range (higher and lower), and how to sing and or scream without risk of damaging their voice. You will also learn how to Improve vocal tone and how to bring out your personal "xfactor" qualities in your voice.

My clients experience all these kinds of rapid vocal improvements as a simple by-product of learning to operate the voice according to its natural design.

I help singers to build confident voices by:
A. Learning to sing on pitch and in key.
B. Learning to develop better vocal timing.
C. Building stronger stage presence.
D. Strengthening and improving their vocal power and tone.
E. Healing and repairing a blown voice.
F. Every other aspect required in vocal production to provide you with the skills to be a professional singer.

Why should you see a coach like me?
It can be really frustrating trying to teach yourself how to sing like your favorite artists, because there are a number of muscle co-ordinations, including diaphragmatic breathing and support that need to be developed so that the voice can operate properly.

Some people are naturally hard-wired to sing using the correct muscle co-ordinations from birth these people are often refereed to as been natural singers.

The good news is that if the singing co-ordinations dont come naturally, providing the singer, has a healthy set of vocal cords they can learn to develop the correct muscle co-ordinations to make singing much easier and improve the quality of their voice.

Did you know that the ordinary average set of vocal cords is naturally designed to be able to sing over a three octave connected range?

That's 24 notes did you know most songs are written over two octaves of the voice. So three octaves is plenty and would provide you with more than enough vocal range to sing most songs on the radio!

If your really serious about reducing the time it takes to develop your singing voice and want to gain a professional level of insight into how you currently go about producing your sounds. I recommend that you book in for a vocal diagnostic session.

Checkout the client testimonials on my website:

If your serious about learning to sing and want to reduce the time it takes to fully develop your performer voice.

I can literally save you days, weeks, months, years, of vocal frustration.

Call me now Paule 022 046 4034

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