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Unique OnLine Mixing & Mastering Service (#5506)

These days there are many artists and bands choosing to buy some inexpensive gear and record themselves at home. This is fine and can save on large pro sound studio costs. The advantages are, you can take your time and get the perfect vocal take and program and record instruments one at a time.

We understand that being in a professional recording studio can add pressure to the situation and you may not be happy with vocal takes or instrument takes. BUT, we have years of experience in getting great performances from musicians and vocalists and our multi million album selling clients are proof of this. Just something to think about.

Anyway, lets say you’ve recorded a great song at home and you need to mix it. You have all the plugins and mixing software on your laptop and being the songwriter and artist who better to mix it?

The simple fact is that sound mixing is an art that takes years of experience to get really good at. Would you not agree that if you were to teach someone to play the piano and show them the basics they might be able to make some noise that resembled music but in reality it would take years of practice to sound any good. Sound Mixing is no different.

If you were to listen to contemporary hit records on any radio station we can guarantee that these records have been mixed by professional mixing engineers and not by the artist at home.

There is a reason they don’t mix it themselves and that is – to get that hit record sound! This is where professional sound mixing comes in and we’ve been doing this for years.

So what do we do?

We take what you’ve recorded as individual tracks ie all drums separated out as individual tracks, bass, guitars, keyboards, vocals, backing vocals etc. We then import them into our ProTools HDX system.

After we have everything imported we then start separating each instrument and vocal into its own channel in our SSL & Neve Consoles. This means that everything gets mixed through the console rather than ITB (In The Box) and therefore there will be a far higher dynamic range ie ‘punch’ to the mix and also the ultimate warmth of being mixed through high end analogue technology.
You cannot ask for a better combination of technologies. ProTools 12 HDX into – SSL & Neve Consoles With Classic Outboard = Hit Record Sound!
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Author Kenny MacDonald
Location Auckland
Type Available
Category Recording Studios
Expires 1st June 2017

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