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Guitar Teacher, New Plymouth (#5879)

Hello Friends

My name is Ris and been playing, teaching and performing over a decade and now my guitar teaching classes are available in New Plymouth, Taranaki. It’s not long I moved in New Plymouth from UK & France.

When it comes to pursuing music or playing musical instruments, there are many options such as flute, violin, drum, piano, guitar, etc., with which one can make his musical career.

Guitar is a very popular and highly liked musical instrument. Usually, when it comes to learning music, guitar is the first musical instrument that comes to one's mind. Children, teenagers, grown ups, and adults, in fact all of them, love playing a guitar. When it comes to learning to play a guitar, I usually get to see people coming from different age groups, professions, and classes of the society. However, this is not the case with other musical instruments.

Get in touch (02102968935) if you wish to learn all kind of
Guitar Tricks,

Cheers Ris

Location New Plymouth
Type Available
Category Musicians - Guitarists
Expires 8th May 2017

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